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Introducing Insights for Google+ pages

To date, millions of brands and organizations have created Google+ pages to interact with their audience on Google. We’ve seen President Obama and +The White House, for example, take a virtual road trip across the country, answering questions from everyday Americans ( Manchester United recently gave fans front row seats to the +Manchester United  v. +Liverpool FC  match via Hangout (, and +Converse  showcased the results of its #ChuckHack design hackathon in their Google+ Community (

Many of you have asked for more data about how your social content is performing and who your audience is on Google+. So starting today, we’re offering all Google+ pages access to Insights reports. Insights provides key info that helps you tailor and optimize your Google+ content, including:

- Visibility: All time total, photo, and post views, and how page impressions have trended over time. 
- Engagement: Which types of posts are getting the highest level of engagement on Google+. 
- Audience: Get an overview of your follower demographics. 

To see a full list of available metrics, download our guide: or please visit You can check out Insights by visiting your page's dashboard on desktop, and via the Google My Business Android app ( The iOS app will be available in the App Store soon.  

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Although it would surely be useful to people's pages as well as brands, after all there are many YouTube personalities for whom the personal page is the brand 
Ohhh I would like this on my personal profile indeed :).
Deep breaths!! looks exciting!!
thanks for this! glad to see Google is still investing in Google+ in a time where a lot of people (or maybe its just me) feels like leadership has forgotten about Plus.

Also for anyone else who wants more engagement metrics I am a big fan of +CircleCount which is definitely worth checking out.
Thngx for expressing this Google again...
Zach W.
+Antony Jackson: Happy to see this as the first comment here. I was saying the same thing over on Bradley Horowitz's post about this. =)
Finally - this is great! I have been waiting for this for so long. I think there might be a glitch on 3 June though. For two pages I manage, I'm seeing a huge increase in followers on one day, which cannot be correct. 
We're seeing totally wrong numbers for every page managed by my company. What's up with that? Pretty useless. For example, one says we got 198 new followers in one day (in addition to the 20+ on other days, over the 90-day time span), yet there are only 196 followers of the page.
Is there any chance of this coming to the API anytime soon?
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