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Profiles and pages now display total content views

Ever wonder how many times your shared Google+ content has been seen? Starting today you’ll see a new number on your Google+ profile or page: total content views.

This number is the sum of your profile, post and photo views since October 2012, and you can choose to show or hide it via settings. Just visit, scroll down to “Profile,” and make your selection ( #googleplusupdate
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Nice. I always like to see more information. :)
Very cool! 404,694, more than I would have expected.
My source is that my G+ team created this feature and launched it today.
+Eddie Kessler I don't know, that doesn't seem like a reputable source. Very suspicious of where you get your info. ;)
Poor Ed getting beat up any way this is cool news
Thanks, I just posted on an apparent inconsistency in my data, but your "since October 2012" appears to resolve my problem.
I'm afraid lot of people/pages won't be happy about it being public by default. (Revealing how little engagement company's G+ Page gets for example.)
Cool feature. How accurate is it though? Only reason I ask is that I have over 256K in views while others that are in my circles have a small fraction of what I do (10k or so) while they have significantly more followers than my measly 87. More curious than anything else, still a cool feature though!
Timing is terrible. Google have already started their April Fool campaign. It looks genuine but we shall see.
An interesting feature +Eddie Kessler .. 
1. The plus ones we get on our profile or others' can be seen now just via the chrome extension?
2.  Why only data since October 12 and not since June 28, 2011 or when G+ left beta stage?
3. Do posts scrolling by in our stream count as a view?

Just wondering as far as interpreting it all, ty
I'm curious whether if I join some of the HUGE G+ Communities, and make a few posts in them, will I accrue a million views in short order?  That is, are Community posts counted as well as regular ones?
Are photospheres put on our Maps Views pages also added to this overall number? +Eddie KesslerThanks for you and the teams hard work!
The numbers don't move.. unless it was every 24 hours or once a week..
I mean what would be the point of showing numbers since october 2012, pretty random..
but people who i havent got followed are really rare to see me in any case... and i havent got added mostly nobody so... nobody interact with me
I added you +Ivan de la Jara.   Find conversations you are interested in and people will start randomly adding you, as you participate in conversations.
im not interested into add people bbecause im autistic (asperger) and im the entire day discussing the same basic things with new people making socialize a nightmare for me... thats why i decided to stop following people, i was all day long chating about the same crap! its been a time when i ahad the 5000 users limit... and i needed to stopbut they follow me and they cannot see me then why they can do it? useless
Would be nice to know if this stat includes comments (gee, such as this one :-) ) made on others' posts.
+Joe Philipps That would not fit the definition of a View:
"Yonatan Zunger
For a post, it means rendering on the user's visible window, so it includes scrolling past it. For images and profile, it means loading it up."
+John R. Ellis, how exactly would you be able to respond to my comment if you didn't view it?  Would it not have to render on your visible window?

Just sayin', I guess, that "post" and "view" could be interpreted differently by different people.  I would think of this as a post...just not a post starting a conversation ( Eddie Kessler did that).
I really think this thing is a bad April Fools Joke.  If it's still around in a few days, I'll start testing it's characteristics.
Its a very bad statistics system so who knows... having Analitycs and inshights sound very poor. but users and pages should have statistics soon or later.
+Peter Leask They are not unique views, so they add up very fast.  Trey Ratcliff has over 2 BILLION views already.  If you post to a big community regularly, you'll have a few million views very quickly.  I saw a kid today with essentially no followers, who posts to teen communities and has 6 million views.  This number is meaningless as depicted - they should be unique views, minimum.  Or exclude Communities.  Or be divided by some time, like per month.  I'm still hoping it's a bad joke, because April Fools or not, it is.
Great to see this out the door, Eddie! Congrats!!
After this feature my engagement with Google+ is boosted!!! Digital marketing is on a new path.
Questions. I noticed our business page numbers went down significantly. Is the following count now coming from the "follow" buttom. Before they asked to +1. I dont even see the option to +1 now.
+Carmen Leal Previously they showed how many time the page or it's posts had been plussed, and the number of Followers (the number of people who put the Page in one of their circles, including their "Blocked" circle).  Now it shows Views and Followers instead - both of which you can remove from showing if desired.  G+ removed a bunch of dead accounts on March 25 and March 29, which is probably why your Follower count went down.
Cara buat post g+ yang menunjukan jumlah yang melihat post tersebut tapi bukan lihat jumlah +.
+Eddie Kessler Do you happen to know how they calculate the views? I was shocked I have over 550,000 views on my page!
its not working at all... I seen people with no profile picture, no content and no followers have 15mill views
+Martin Højbjerg It's working, it's just not useful.  Popular peeps have Views in the Billions.  Any nobody can have 15 Million views with no posts if they link a photo to a blog or article correctly.
hei,,., salam kenal
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