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Eddie Codel
Video maker, live streaming consultant, happy dork.
Video maker, live streaming consultant, happy dork.

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Here's a flyover I did of forested land affected by the recent #ValleyFire near Middletown, CA.

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SRL has been playing with their toys again. A small show from the +ComputerHistory Museum in Mountain View.

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Here's some aerial shots of Willamette Falls near Portland OR, I took a few weeks ago. #aerial #dronephotography  
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This might not be news for some people, but Creative Commons on YouTube is broken. I had a thing happen recently where someone reposted my 2013 ‪#BurningMan‬ drone video titled as a 2014 video, racked up 100k views and counting while monetizing it with ads (something I never did, because Burning Man). I licensed the original video as CC BY (YouTube's only CC option) to let others remix and use it in their own works. Turns out, by using CC, YouTube makes it super easy to reproduce a video wholesale and monetize it. And it's perfectly legit under that license. So I wrote about it after pulling the CC licenses on all my videos. #burningman

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Sunset train time #aerial   #drones   #sunset   #train  
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