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Pandoc is a thing of wonder

... and still too much of a well-kept secret. I just used it to convert a paper from LaTeX to Word (I know, I know) in a flash, and the result was beautiful.

Of relevance to more people, it means you could write pretty much everything you want in Markdown and convert to HTML, Word, ODT, EPUB, etc. With the preponderance of good editing tools for Markdown on every device, it makes sense to use as a generic document format.
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Pandoc is easily one of the best bits of software I've ever used. Don't know if you've taken a dive into it's code as well, but it's just as awesome under the hood as well.
I find myself using Pandoc + Markdown quite often lately. 
I used it on Monday to write up a [redacted] that had to be submitted in a non-HTML, non-Markdown format (what century do these [redacted] think this is?)

Markdown, Pandoc and GNU Make: great combination.
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