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Saw Enterprise twice this week!

My trip to New York this week worked out well for space shuttle spotting. On the way from JFK to Manhattan, I came pretty close to the hangar in this picture, and got a great view.

The shuttle is due to be transported this Saturday on a barge, eventually to travel up the Hudson. Today on my return flight, as my plane taxied for takeoff, I saw Enterprise again, this time nearer the river on its transport vehicle.

It was coincidence, but I couldn't have planned the trip better!
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Details of the journey:

"On Saturday at 4pm, the Enterprise will be lifted by crane and placed onto a barge at Kennedy Airport. On Sunday morning, that barge will be moved by tugboat along the shore of Queens and Brooklyn, passing the Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge at 3:30pm, Coney Island at 4:19, and under the Verrazano Bridge around 5:30 before docking at Port Elizabeth in New Jersey."

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