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Developers: does OS X feel "safe" still?

OK, last OS X post today. I've been suffering growing discomfort as a developer with having OS X as my primary platform. Things such as the move to the app store, that it gets harder to compile open source (no GCC any more), the increasing amount of "phoning home" the OS does.

Among people who read my posts here, I know there are a lot of developers, and I'd like to know if you feel a similar discomfort at the changing nature of OS X.

A couple of disclaimers too, to try and focus discussion:

* If you've already moved away, or never came to OS X in the first place, great—but that's not who I want to hear from in posting this. I'm trying to gauge the level of confidence in OS X for people who develop for platforms other than iOS/OS X.

* This is not to ding OS X: the app store makes the OS more usable, and I'm a believer in the utility of the cloud. I'm just asking about developers here.
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What have you OS X people been smoking? No proprietary OS is ever 'safe'. Period. As the pressure for increasing returns mounts on the vendor, they will screw you to the wall in an effort to increase margins and lock-in. This is guaranteed. They'd be abrogating their fiduciary responsibility to their stockholders if they did anything else.

You have only two choices. Either lube up and learn to love the increasing violations of your autonomy, or bail out to an open-source OS. The sooner you bail out, the less investment you'll have to throw away.
The problem is that as Apple limits what applications the computer will run and what they are allowed to do, it's no longer a computer: it's a big iPad.
A big iPad. A content-delivery device for passive, controlled consumers. That's where the Apple ecosystem is headed, because that's been Apple's strategic direction ever since they dropped "Computer" from the corporate name.

If you don't want to be part of that, get out now. Don't delude yourself that any other outcome is even plausible.
An OS is as safe as its users. You can't protect non-computer literate people from the dangers of the computer age. If you only use it as a 'big' iPad then that's what it is, but I'm not really sure any of us use them like that.
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