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Sometimes I write about parasitic wasps that hijack the bodies of other insects. Well, here's a virus that controls the minds of those wasps. It's parasites all the way down.
Animal behaviour | Leptopilina boulardi by Alexander WildIn a French meadow, a creature that specialises in corrupting the bodies of other animals is getting a taste of its own me
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OMG why am i reading this????!!! scary
Fascinating indeed. Thanks for sharing.
I've always been fascinated with parasitic animals. Cowbirds are abundant where I live and I have spent hours watching small sparrow species feeding baby cowbirds twice their size at our feeder.
the article is very nice I would like to know why they think that the altered behavior benefits the virus, the idea that it can spread horizontally from egg to egg is interesting but that will limit it's spread to one offspring from each mother rather than many (10's, 100's???) if it keeps to the vertical transmission from mother to her offsprings... I don't buy this explanation, it doesn't make sense to me
Isn't this going to mean that the virus spreads to the strongest offspring in each successive generation, thus enhancing it's own viability?
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