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A living tick, FILMED under a scanning electron microscope, waving hello. That. Is. Hardcore.
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Just goes to prove that insects really rule this world.
Without being an 'Amazing tool' myself, is there something up with the scale on those photos? Or did the tick start growing exponentially after being subjected to the electrons? (as all good comic books would suggest)
It is shameful PETA has not yet voiced their opposition to this. This despicable treatment of ticks must not stand.
I don't know whether this makes me think ticks are awesome, even more terrifying than they already were, or both.

I'm leaning towards 'both.'
Like the human race... overpopulated & destructive
It's weird, but I am, henceforth, actually less scared of ticks... I think the respect engendered by the awesomeness of this overrides the fear.

Wait... why were ticks hanging out in a vacuum chamber?
+Holly Davis - I think maybe it's part of their space-program training. They're going to colonize the universe sans spaceships. :)
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