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"You Love Your iPhone. Literally" says the headline of an NYT op-ed.

Bullshit. This is a great case study of how people (or, in this case, 'neuromarketers') take neuroscience and filter it through a lens of bollocks.

Here's a pretty thorough takedown:

And a simpler version for the non-neuroscientists among you:

More links:

If anyone else has seen a good retort to the op-ed, leave a link in the comments.

Also a word of caution. In posts like these, some people typically ignore the pieces I linked to and leave comments about whether they personally love their iPhone or not. So to pre-emptively clarify: I don't care.
Neuromarketing means never having to say you're peer reviewed (but here's your NYT op-ed space). There's a truly hideous op-ed piece in the New York Times by neuromarketing guru Martin Lin...
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Ed Yong
Oh yeah! I even linked to that before! Thanks B.
Add it into the main text of this post, so resharing it includes it...?
Well, I don't know about all that science stuff, but I personally love my iPhone!
I just came here to also profess my love for Tal's iPhone. Must be my mirror neurons.
I took my BlackBerry out to dinner with me the other night, and I'm pretty sure I felt my striatum pulsing. Must be something sinister going on!
Wheeeeee! Don't stop me, I'm mirror neuroning right now.

(If only people could understand the neuroscientific humor embedded in +Bradley Voytek 's comment.)
I'm surprised the NY Times' resident social neuropsychologist, David Brooks, hasn't weighed in on this issue yet...
Ed Yong
If you say his name two more times, he'll appear behind you.
Thanks for the warning.
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