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I've said this before, but if you like science and you're not reading The Last Word on Nothing, you are missing out on some of the best science writing out there, bar none.

Here's the network:

Below is an interview with all of its members. Do check it out if you need a reason. But really, if you don't take my advice on this, I can only conclude that you don't like good things ;-)
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Why exactly? Because they write about science journalists themselves ( e.g. here ), and you happen to be one? I can't find many interesting posts on the first pages. More journalism and poetry than science. Authors who write about authors and journalists who write about journalists are not very exciting.
Ed Yong
Nor are people who mistake a data point for a trend. Or come up with stuff like "More journalism and poetry than science."
That was my first impression, the Q&A you mention says "Everyone here seems to be dedicated to beautiful writing".. I couldn't find many interesting topics, for instance there are only four posts with tag "cancer", although it is an urgent problem and a hot topic right now, with a lot of research going on. Science and Nature are full of molecular biology articles which only a few people understand. Why are science journalists not able to bridge this gap? Feynman says in his book "The Meaning of It All" the reason why we do science is the pleasure of finding things out: "The next aspect of science is its contents, the things that have been found out. This is the yield. This is the gold. This is the excitement, the pay you get for all the disciplined thinking and hard work. The work is not done for the sake of an application. It is done for the excitement of what is found out" This aspect seems to be missing in the blog. Where is the excitement? The gold?
Well, since I like good things, I check it out (although I was already attracted by the title itself) and I am very happy I did. The meaning of the quote says it all and agrees with me well, ''CURIOSITY AND HUMILITY: The Human Condition''. I love that sense of honor about what is shared...
Let me find this out, your blog is really interesting, and your G+ stream, too. And yet you recommend this blog so much, although it is not quite as good. It must be some kind of personal favor.. I guess your recommendation is a "thank you" for Virginia Hughes, since you worked together with her at ScienceBlogs. It is ok to do a bit advertising, but it is less irritating (and less effective) if it is marked as advertising. Google does this as well.
Ed Yong
I want to make this clear as a teaching example to everyone: I have blocked Jochen. I am more than happy to take criticism or to have discussions with people whose tastes differ from mine. But I have neither the time nor inclination to deal with wankers who make ham-fisted attempts to impugn my motives, not once, but twice in the space of three comments.

I like this blog. If you don't, fine. If you don't, and the only way you can reconcile that discrepancy is to assume that I'm somehow doing advertising or feeding my narcissistic ego, then you have put two and two together and come up with moron.
Wow, thanks for this recommendation. I've read some of the entries before but never had a proper read of what else was there. Took an early lunch break to delve through some of the back entries and there's a wealth of interesting, well-expressed posts (like this one on '‘Game Transfer Phenomena’: ).

The collective aspect with a different person writing each day or so really works here, making it more like a 'zine than a blog, which to me is a Good Thing(TM).
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