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Live and let live! Enjoy life!
Live and let live! Enjoy life!

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So what are folks thinking of the "Tales from the Yawning Portal" ? I have a kingdom in my game that has a necromancer as the power behind the thrown of a young king. The necromancer has a kings guard made up of undead warriors. I pulled some inspiration from Eberron for this kingdom. I was going to convert the Karnathi undead warriors but think I will use the Dread warriors and others from the "Dead in Thay" adventure instead. Any thoughts? 

Just finished listening to your podcast this week. I have played D&D since 1978 and many other RPGs along the way. I totally agree with your view of the role of the DM within the confines of D&D. When players want a greater impact on the world creation I tend to guide them to FATE. I love the system for the group creativity. Both systems are great but they each fit different styles. 

I did have to disagree with you on your point of having intelligent NPCs continue attacking unconscious PCs. It seems a bit meta-gaming to me. I have the NPCs move their focus to other PCs, the unconscious PC is currently not a threat and if they can prevent others from healing him/her either by damage or distraction it feel more real to me.

If a PC heals an unconscious PC I then have the NPCs focus on that healer because the see him as a great threat because he/she can keep others in the fight after they have been downed.

I fully understand your reasoning and it makes sense in light of keeping the encounters challenging and not softballing the encounters. I just prefer to do that by throwing in encounters that are deadly or beyond what the PCs can handle and let them decide if they want to live to fight another day. Encounters are build for story not balance! LOL

I am an old timer (started with Basic in 1979) and hare recently begun listening to your podcast. You do a great job! I have gotten wonderful little tidbits from each and every episode I have listened to. Thank you for your hard work. 

I will be moving to Spring in a week an dc looking for a gaming group. 

I will be moving to the Spring area in a week and will be looking for a D&D group. Doesn't look like there is much activity on this group but thought I would post anyway. 

I this a SW game set in Philip Dick's "Man in the High Castle" book world would be fun. 

What tools do folks use to convert an hand drawn map to the nice digital images that I see in here?

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