ISS is an incredibly useful and beneficial platform for multiple reasons.  One of them is being able to see our planet.  The crews take amazing photos and add the human element to looking at our planet.  What's also really cool is that MCC-Houston flight controllers can control the external cameras on ISS and we can do our own small part at taking video of our +Fragile Oasis.

Often we play "where's that" on quiet shifts, pointing at the downlink video.  We also use the cameras to track large storms including hurricanes, which you sometimes see on the nightly news or Weather Channel.

And of course when they are big enough, we can take a look at wild fires.  The crew's been taking photos and video of the fires in Colorado and we've been training the (non high definition, lower video quality) external cameras at them as well.  Here's a recent video of some of the onboard footage from the crew.

A future project, by the way, will have the crew replace our external cameras - or at least some of them - with High Definition cameras.  Very cool!
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