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Out in Llano, TX
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do you have lockers? and did you have much body damage other than scratching up your skid plates?
I didn't (and still don't) have lockers. The only body damage was some gouging on my left front and right rear fenders (just the plastic). Probably a few small scratches on the hard top too but nothing that shows the white fiberglass. No damage to the metal body. And really, the under-body skid plates look really good, too.

Some of my pics show the fender gouging. It's not too bad, really more like some cool scars that are fun conversation starters. :)
Oh, and the fact that I didn't have lockers only caused me to skip 1 obstacle, based on trail guide recommendation. She's my Daily Drive so if the Guides say to go around, who am I to argue. :)
True and I am shocked that there is so minimal body damage what rating were those trails? On the last jamboree I went on I got a nice deep scratch all the way down the passenger side. Trail rating 7, you are right they are great conversation starters.
Was reading through old posts and this one brought back some fun memories. Can't wait to go again and see what difference a couple inches in lift makes.

Now to start saving up for some new treads...
Where did you put the little steal plaque? I put mine in the passenger side dashboard.
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