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What do you mean there was no Warning ?
What do you mean there was no Warning ?

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This is the kind of person I want to get my weather from. NOT
As Rain Man said, K-Mart sucks.

+Google+ Yes, it is true. Some today, still don't have a mobile phone. So, I can't send text to myself to verify for custom url. thanks

My review posted on KIA Autosport of Columbus, GA. I doubt they publish it lmao.

Lead up to main complaint - June 10 2014

Moms [73yrs old/ retired military widowed spouse / on social security retirement] van broke down. Mom left house, drove about 300ft. Van shut down completely. No power to anything. Called KIA. They said to bring it in. Said they don't tow. Mom called towing service. We waited for a bit over 2 hrs. Van towed by Griffin towing out of Columbus GA to KIA Autosport 7041 Whittlesey Blvd.

While we were waiting for the tow truck, we talked about being glad it did this where it did. If she would have been pulling out on the busy highway, she would likely be dead. If she were driving down the interstate at 65 mph, she may be dead. If she were going through a corner, she may be dead. When the van shut down as mentioned, It completely shut down. No power steering or brakes and likely the air bags were disabled as well. She could have been killed. She's now terrified to drive it.

----- In between the above and showing up at KIA below, I was in contact with KIA Corporate in Irvine California. Also KIA consumer care and , KIA Autosport of Columbus GA. I also began gathering evidence about KIA's and electrical issues, which dates back to 2004. Yet no recalls have been issued.------

June 11 2014 - Mom [73yrs old/ retired military widowed spouse / on social security retirement] and I showed up at KIA around 3pm. We went in after being met at door by sells-man pitching to us. Ask him where Brenda or Clay ?last names were, as this is who we were to make contact with. Salesman pointed us to back desk.

At back counter/desk the folks gathered around it ignored us, while they had a conversation. RUDE jerks !! I finally butted in and I ask them were where Brenda or Clay ?last names were. They said in the front glass cubicle by main entrance. I said after looking, there's no one up there. And they knew this. They had the smae sight/view I had. They said ok, wait a minute.
They found Brenda. She ask, what is the problem. I told her that we've had issues like this before, where the van wont start, and It's not the battery causing these issues. I said I want someone to explain to me how a car completely shuts down, where nothing works. She got on phone / pager.

After a few minutes, A man, now known as Jerome ?last name shows up. He takes mom and I into an office. He ask whats the problem, and I tell him of past issues like this, but none where the van completely shut down. He proceeds to tell me of corrosion on the battery terminals causing this issue. I told him he was full of shit basically, without saying you're full of shit. I told him again of previous similar issues. He stepped out to get paperwork of previous visits where work was to be done about this issue. I say was to be done, because I don't know if they did any work on this van previously, after catching them lying this time [ see below ].

Jerome again begins to explain how the corrosion on the battery terminal is the issue. I told Jerome that I have 43 yrs experience and this is the first time I've ever heard of corrosion on a battery terminal causing a car to completely shut down. Jerome proceeds with the same act. He steps out to talk to a man, who I'm guessing is the master mechanic. Jerome comes back in and proceeds once again with the corrosion lie and then adds the cables on the positive terminal into it, saying that they go to the many computer modules that he named.

I told him I know that a car runs off the alternator when it's running and the battery has nothing to do with it. While the car is running, the battery is being charged. After thought- Those cables coming from the positive terminal are to giving power for memory to the various computer modules when the car is not running and the radio settings and the like.

I told him there's and issue with the computers or wiring harness. [ I found the latter to be true after searching the internet.]  He continued to insult with his lies and his arrogant belittling attitude. I finally had enough and told him, "You cant bullshit a shitter". meaning ' you are bull shitting me'.

So, after this, mom, I and Jerome walked to the payment area. Mom paid the bill. right at $150. Mom and I walked out to the van, which was backed in the parking stall. I thought this odd, as they were to have serviced it by Cleaning the battery terminal that Jerome spoke of, which according to Jerome is causing the problems, Change the oil and rotate the tires, and engine diagnostics.

I thought Hm....Let me pop the hood and see what they did. Low and behold, the positive Battery terminal still had the small amount of corrosion on it. The same corrosion that Jerome said is causing the electrical issues. The same one Jerome said they cleaned. I was pissed. I went back inside and motioned to Jerome and said " let me hold your body for a minute" ... meaning come with me. He and the other guys around the desk/counter looked at me and said what? I said again, let me hold your body. One of the guys laughed and said he never heard of that. I said in a pissed off tone, Better than beating one.

So Myself and Jerome get out to the van. I said I thought you cleaned this. I thought you said this was what was causing the problems. Jerome was dumbfounded. Stood there with the OH shit look on his face. He then said, I'll be right back. As Jerome was walking away, I yelled out 'We need a refund !"

While Jerome was gone, I took the camera and took a picture of the battery with corrosion, the one they said they cleaned, the one they charged my mother to clean.

Jerome came back and had a mechanic with him, later to tell me his name, Paul, with sleeve tattoos on both arms. Paul got in the Van and started it to take into the service bay. Odd that the corroded battery terminal, which according to Jerome is/was the issue, started the van.
Paul drove off in the van which was backed into the parking stall. I believe the van was backed in the parking stall because they did no work on it. The wrecker from June 10 2014, dropped it there. They went out and it started and called it fixed. Left it there, not thinking I, or someone would notice this issue. All other cars in the customer pickup parking were pulled in engine/or front first in the parking spots.

So while they were cleaning the battery, Jerome took mom into the payment area, I sat in the waiting area. The time was 315pm. Mom said Jerome ask her for the original work order / receipt. She would not give it to him, as I had made notes on it documenting the time when I discovered the battery still corroded. So they made a duplicate and refunded like $90, the charge for the diagnosis and battery cleaning, I guess.
We then waited for the VAN. Once the van came out of service area, mom was still inside dealing with Jerome. I don't know what went on in there. The van came into the pickup lane on side of building. Paul the mechanic showed me what they did. He was very apologetic. Just doing his job, kissing that ass. He left after I shook his hand. While sitting in the van waiting on mom, Brenda said kinda smirky" Are you happy now ?" I said happy they cleaned the battery, not happy y'all stole my moms money and how many times in the past have y'all may have done this. She had nothing to say !

We left and came home  ----------

Today July 10 2014 - Talked with Donna at KIA consumer care southern region. She said there's nothing she can do about this. That giving my Mothers money back, that she paid for the van which is now paid off is "NOT AN OPTION". Donna also said that giving my mother another vehicle at no cost to her, was also not and option. She told me to contact the dealership. I will be doing that NEXT Week, Likely July 15 2014. Need to talk with Ed Braun the general manager and I think the franchise owner.

I have documented evidence of Kia Autosport's wrong doing, including pictures and video. Do the right thing Ed. It could have been your mother, father, sister, brother, wife, children, family member, loved one, that almost got KILLED !!

We'll be in touch !! 

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All snow now. Enjoy !

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Enjoy this short video of sleet mixing with snow.

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"The Lord Giveth and the Lord taketh away."

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I have nothing to add  :(
Devastating tornado tore through Moore, OK earlier today.. described by KFOR-TV as worse than May 3, 1999. Latest report is 24 children lost their lives in an elementary school in Moore, OK. I am at a loss for words... This is about as tragic as a tornado can get. Our thoughts and prayers are with those that lost everything with this tragedy. 

Here is video of the tornado taken by the Basehunters showing how violent this tornado was. And this supercell spun up so fast the warning was not nearly as advanced as the more long-track May 3, 1999 supercell. Thank god for Jon Welsh and Chopper 4 and the rest of the chasers on the ground providing as much warning as possible for this tornado. 
5/20/13 Moore, OK Devastating Tornado

I sent a text message to a teacher friend of mine asking her to get everyone south out of the path, and she responded and said she and the kids had to ride it out and was the only option. Just heard and they are okay.

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Did you make the list ? I did.

Wow, a daily limit of adding '1' person or page to my page. What the  .. thanks for nothing +googleplus . Went to import a shared circle from my personal profile in to a new circle on my page. Told me I reached my daily limit and to try again tomorrow.
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