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Ed O'Keefe Show- Behind the Scenes of Greatness
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Love Spreading AWESOMENESS! Speaking to brilliant entrepreneurs in Australia! 
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“Father of 7 and Entrepreneur, Ed O’Keefe Starts New Show To Inspire
And Fill The Gap Oprah has left!”

Ed O’Keefe doesn’t start his day like most entrepreneurs you see in the movies. After his wife of 10 year’s alarm goes off, there is little time to waste before he quickly gets behind the schedule of getting his 4 oldest children off to school.

That might not sound difficult to some, but when the 8 month old twins are awake at the same time...the 4 turns to 6….

“It’s fun..but we are late a lot.” O’Keefe says with laughter.

Recently, OKeefe has sold off his ownership in his health supplement business that he started from zero and generated millions of dollars in sales the past few years. This was just one of many ventures that O’Keefe, a self-taught, “grass roots” entrepreneur has started.

Now he has turned his attention to creating his own Online Television Show ironically named:
“The Ed O’Keefe Show! Going Being The Scenes of Greatness

Highlighting Uncommon People Doing Extraordinary and Inspiring Things!

I have a lot of friends who are amazingly inspiring people who are entrepreneurs, world class Athletes or Coaches, Philanthropists, Authors, Artists, Alternative Healers, Investors, SuperHuman Moms and Dads, and your everyday celebrity.

I want to create the platform that an audience can tap into these amazing people just the way I did when I was going through my early start-up years. Things were far from easy and by getting access; whether face to face or via the was life changing.

Why This T.V. Show Now?

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 17 years and have started and built multiple businesses.

“From the ages of 23-27, I’d get my coffee and work a bit, but then at 9:00 am CST I’d sit on the couch and watch Oprah. To me, it wasn’t entertainment: it was training.

She was having the best thinkers of our time on national T.V. for free. When you are broke..and have a dream, that’s not a T.V. show. That’s a life-line.

My intention is that it has something inspiring and life-changing for anyone who has a dream they’ve been working on, creating, or maybe have been putting off. ”

O’Keefe went on to share that Television has changed as we know it. Leaving a big gap for people that ages 30-60 years of age. The average viewer of Dr. Phil Show and Rachel Ray is 59.

What will the format be like?

My desire is that it will encompass the excitement and curiosity of a go-pro video, combined with the quality  … sometimes Actors Studio Format on a stage with an audience...but also meets the intention of the Oprah Show.

That’s a high standard and I’m excited about that.

It will flow as we try different things and get the audience involved along with our guests and celebrities. For example, one of our first shows will be with Top Selling Recording Country Artist Lee Brice showing a different side of him. Where we go into his mindset, his creative process, how he sets goals, and has created his success.

Another show will cover some of the best entrepreneurs I know

Another will be with some Best Cross-Fit Athletes in the world.

I want to see Lee in his own environment doing what he does best… and why not get the Cross Fit Athletes in and gym where they can show what they do best. We can grill them on stage afterward, but the audience wants to see these people’s greatness!

Where will the shows be located?

People will have access all over the world and my goal is to live stream them as much as possible. Because my goal this year to really give a platform and opportunity to as many inspiring people out there...logistically we will just need to record some them first.

We will have most show’s here on the southside of Chicago in various locations.

With a kind confidence and it’s easy to like O’Keefe.

“Being the The 12th of 13 children and youngest boy of such a large family, I had opportunities that some of my siblings didn’t have. My dad worked 40 hours a week so he could have the opportunity to work overtime on the weekends. Bartended and took any job that he could to make sure we always had food on the table and clothes to wear.

What’s next for O’Keefe and his gaggle of 7 Children?

At the beginning of the year, we are launching the show. So, we are in the process of booking guests and getting everything on the calendar.

We will be in Austin, Chicago, San Diego in the first couple months with a total of 9 guests to get it really kicked off.

Then in March, my book with a working title: “The Art Time Collapsing! How to Magically Get What You Want Right Now!” will be launched!

But, after this interview, O’Keefe said he’ll be changing diapers and feeding the crew.

We have the show and I’m coming out with a book titled

Between changing diapers and raising kids, what else would be a great honor than to have a format where we can inspire, educate, and lift up others.

Our world needs it now more than ever.