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Best father & baby costume ever?

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I declare the Olympia Farmer's Market to be full of good things.

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Hey! I'm a guest on the latest episode of Canon Puncture. I talk about my 20 year love affair with Earthdawn. I think it's a pretty fun conversation.

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I had no idea that +Alex Mayo's id had a recording contract!

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I want Alas Vegas to hit the $20,000 stretch goal so badly I can taste it.
Only three days left to back +James Wallis' ALAS VEGAS! Although the campaign met its modest funding goal a while ago, I hope this breaks £20k because then +Kenneth Hite will write his KILLING BUGSY SIEGEL game and +Dennis Detwiller will provide double-page frontispieces for each of the campaign settings. I badly want these things to happen.

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+Steph McW showed this to me this morning.  It is full of fun things.

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So, the Elite Kickstarter has hit its goal.  I have to admit that I'm probably more excited about this than I should be. Discovering Elite for the first time was was awe inspiring, and I really want Dave Braben to be able to capture lightning in a bottle one more time. Crossing my fingers.

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This neatly encapsulates so much of what makes +Jason Morningstar awesome.
I'm co-writing Fight Fire, a supplement about firefighters, as a that-was-not-much-of-a-strech-was-it goal for  Evil Hat's FATE Core crowdfunding project that +Fred Hicks is currently rocking. +Leonard Balsera is my partner and "guts of FATE" guru. Some Q&A:

Why FATE Core? FATE is just a tiny bit outside my wheelhouse as a designer. I've played Spirit of the Century in campaign mode and other fate games as one-shots, so I am familiar with the system but have never been motivated to build stuff for it until now. It was a little fiddly, a little task-oriented, SOTC at least was massive and chaotic. Not really my cup of tea. But when I looked at FATE Core I was pretty much sold - it is the very refined product of years and years of prior art and massive amounts of play, and is informed by the good work of its contemporaries. It is very, very well done and I'm excited to play it.

Why firefighters? Oh, all sorts of reasons! First of all I carry an abiding love for the profession. I spent quite a lot of time growing up in Troy, Michigan's Fire Station #3, where my grandfather was Chief. It was and is a volunteer company ("Our time, our gas, we save your ass"). Three was a ladder and engine company situated close to Troy's high-rises, and had the city's only tower ladder at the time, "Yellow Bird". There was no better place to be a kid than among these guys, simultaneously larger-than-life and regular local businessmen. So there's that - much affection and respect that I have carried with me throughout my life.

Beyond that, man, that "on fire" aspect is a pernicious problem, isn't it? I've always thought that a structure fire was the perfect classroom for exploring FATE's elegant system for tagging conditions and effects, and that forms the nucleus of my project. Being an obsessive fire nerd I pored over Fire Department of New York tactical documents and read up on fire behavior to get the actual firefighting bits right, and I'm working with Lenny Balsera to make sure the FATE bits are right, too.

Fires can be approached in different ways, depending on your needs, but the one I'm most excited about is statting them up as full-on adversaries with skills and stunts all their own. It's an apartment building, fully involved, just waiting for you to try to deal with it. You have to search for victims - that is job one, and a very dangerous one. Will you ventilate for life, accepting increased fire volatility in exchange for ejecting lethal smoke? Or will you bull your way in, vent for fire and put it down fast? How will your team hang together, and how will they adapt when the fire throws new, deadly challenges at them? What happens when you make the wrong move? What happens when you make the right move and it all goes to hell anyway?

There will be stress and harm, and much of it will be mental rather than physical. It will manifest itself outside the fireground in your firefighter's relationships. Maybe I'm biased, but Fight Fire is looking really exciting.

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Holy Moly!

Going to have to dig into this more, but it looks like it may have the potential to address some of the frustrations inherent to G+:
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