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Scituate Lighthouse - Cedar Point, Scituate, Massachusetts - Built in 1811
Seascape Photography is an addiction and with a 24% chance of cloud cover we never thought twice about the single digit temperatures and bitting windchill (well maybe a little). This morning myself and my good friend +Frank C. Grace headed out for yet another cold weather adventure to the Scituate Light. A lighthouse that has been well captured by other local photographers but I have never been there with the low light I generally like to shoot.

ISO 100, 80 Seconds, f/5.6 with a 3 stop ND Grad
#PlusPhotoExtract +Jarek Klimek
#Massachusetts #Seascape
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Ah, Scituate. One of my go-to places when I need some inspiration. Solid comp man. Love the light on the boulders. I was up this morning and ready to head out, but went right back to bed. Ha.
I love the vanishing lines of the clouds and shoreline.
Great composition Ed!
Beautiful shot... it needs to be made into a puzzle....
Ed King
+Chris Lazzery It was cold.. I got a few shots from the jetty which was partially frozen and when I had to change some filters I think I dropped a finger or two ;)
Sweeeet... really nice shot Ed. Glad it was you in the cold instead of me. : )
I've seen--and taken--a few shots of this lighthouse, but the mood here makes this unique. Very nice.
Awesome shot Ed. Loving the composition and light on this.
Nice! I like how the clouds are off to the side, almost like they are purposely avoiding the light.
Wonderful image - the sky, the textures, the lighting, the look of the water, everywhere I look my eye gets rewarded!
l just love photos like that. the sea, ligthouses and perfect light! Great!
Love all the little highlight points that add interest throughout the image. Super sweeeet!
A simple shot can transmit a lot of feelings, Ed. That shot was sweeet!
Oh Ed King ~ I wish you could post this beautiful picture on my Facebook page!!!!
Ed King
Thank you all very much for all the +1's and share's and comments
gorgeous!  Can I use on a website (local, south shore, if I include a link and credits?) Thanks!
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