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Ed Hennis

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Take the survey, share the link, before 12/4/15 FOR #SCIENCE!
Hey everyone. I need people to take a survey for my science fair project, so if you wouldn't mind taking ten to fifteen minutes out of your day, that would be great. Thank you!
(If you've seen this before, please take it only once.)
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Ed Hennis

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Ed Hennis originally shared:
$6 per person for a hearty pancake breakfast. Get served by the swimmers, meet our Olympic gold medalist coach, and benefit a great cause!
(That picture is Google's stock photo. Similar results not guaranteed. :) )
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Ed Hennis

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Despite violating Hanlon's Razor, it does make sense...
Writing in the Guardian, Dan Gillmor argues that SOPA and PIPA aren't foolishly extreme because their proponents don't understand the net; rather, they are extreme because their proponents understand that the net breaks the monopoly of the powerful over communications and organizing. So, why do they make unsupportable statements? Because they don't dare make an honest argument. If they were saying what they believe, it would go roughly this way...
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Ed Hennis

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In news story after news story about the horrible SOPA/PIPA bills, you see things like this: But with piracy costing up to $775 billion a year, virtually everyone agrees the bills in some form will survive. Marketplace Tech The pro-legislation Copyright Alliance cites a report from the International Chamber of Commerce saying that piracy and counterfeiting cost businesses $775 billion annually and puts 2.5 million jobs at risk worldwide. CNN Yes,...
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Ed Hennis

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What's the penalty for stealing the stars? :(
t looks as though this couple's lucky star was not shining.
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Ed Hennis

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Ed Hennis

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Ed Hennis

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Originally posted early this AM, moved it up because I can. Yesterday the Huffington Post profiled Elizabeth Santorum, Rick's 20-year-old daughter and a big piece of his "campaign infrastructure." Two items of interest: It is tough, after all, being a young surrogate for a candidate/father clinging to an older worldview. Her father's stance on same-sex marriage and gay rights, in particular, has caused some friction from non-supporters. "It's a p...
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Ed Hennis

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So here's a thought experiment of sorts. Let's say you're pulled over by the police for speeding or something, and when the officer asks to see your license, you politely say "No." He asks again, and again you refuse. So he pepper sprays you right in the eyes . Then the officer gets back into his patrol car and drives away. No ticket, no arrest, no nothing. So what do you think: A proper use of nonlethal force? Because that's pretty much what's h...
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Ed Hennis

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As the House of Representatives opens hearings on SOPA, the worst piece of Internet legislation in American history, it has rejected all submissions and testimony from public interest groups and others who oppose the bill. Irony Alert: The House is holding hearings on sweeping Internet censorship legislation this week -- and it's censoring the opposition! The bill is backed by Hollywood, Big Pharma, and the Chamber of Commerce, and all of them a...
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No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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