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Ed Chi

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Science in the Tesla Model 3. 
Hundreds of thousands of Tesla fans have been throwing money at the company to buy its cheapest electric car yet, securing their place in line to purchase the Model 3. Many of them preordered the c…
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Nice car
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Ed Chi

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Lego admits 'mistake' in Ai Weiwei row -

I hope when I buy toilet paper, no one asks me what I use it for. 
Lego's decision to reject Chinese artist Ai Weiwei's request for a bulk order of its bricks last year was a "mistake", the toy company admits.
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Sigh, corporate policy making is so tricky. If Lego doesn't ask, and the bulk order is used not to criticize China but to support neo-Nazism or terrorism, there'd probably be public outcry as well.
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Ed Chi

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In the funny news department,
Man in dinosaur outfit caught for violating Taiwan's defense drill.

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To walk the deserted streets in a dinosaur suit :-) This really cracked me up this morning. Thanks for sharing, Ed.
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Ed Chi

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Chatbots are born pre-mature still. But someone will get it right at some point, but hopefully soon.
Company’s new Messenger chatbot prompts nonsensical answers and unrelenting spam, which risks tipping users over the edge
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Ed Chi
I'm not sure whether the chatbots are done by Facebook or the news organizations. I suspect that news agencies offer the content, but Facebook provides the chatbot API?? Would love to learn more. 
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Ed Chi

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站務員替尿失禁乘客換褲子 直擊民眾讚窩心

What a story. I hope Taiwan stays this way forever. 
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Ed Chi

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Plane take-off aborted for couple to visit dying grandson. If I was on the flight, I'd want the pilot to turn around as well. Good job!
A pilot aborts a take-off at Manchester Airport to allow an elderly couple off the plane to visit their dying grandson in hospital.
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Ed Chi

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An interesting format.
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6 seconds should work well, it is about my tolerance.
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Ed Chi

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Republicans are now sowing the seeds of their past rhetoric. One of the most conservative funders speaks out:

Charles Koch suggests that another Clinton in the White House might be better than Trump or Cruz.
The billionaire Republican donor said he could sit out this year's presidential election.
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The facts are out there, in documented reports. I won't do the work for you. Look it up and educate yourself on the topic first.
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Ed Chi

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Are you doing your part to help those that are less-fortunate than you?
A portion of the loan helped a member to purchase rice seeds and a water pump for cultivating rice
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Ed Chi

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When you are a criminal, sometimes geopolitical issues can literally change your life dramatically. 
On Tuesday, Taiwanese media lit up with a video taken far away in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. It appears to show a group of 15 Taiwanese citizens inside a Nairobi jail cell, doing something that...
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Ed Chi
The concepts of Justice and jurisdiction has always been a bit at odds with each other. 
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Ed Chi

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The amount of irony in this article is just too much for me:
- Trump camp telling zuck that he is too rich to know the poor.
- zuck telling others to not build a wall while trying to get inside one in China.
- etc. 
Katrina Pierson said she can't take Mark Zuckerberg seriously after the tech billionaire made a thinly-veiled reference to her candidate's positions.
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Trump will not go near my facebook wall 
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Ed Chi

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I've met a wide variety of googlers now. I know we aren't perfect. But I'm always very proud of the values that Google stands for, because we hold ourselves to a much high standard than the current societal norm. This is just one indication.
Google supports Massachusetts H.1577, a bill that would add "gender identity" to existing Massachusetts equal rights law, protecting transgender individuals from discrimination when using public accommodations.

We gathered in the Google Cambridge office last Friday to show our support for #EveryoneWelcome  in Google & in Massachusetts :)

For more info:
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+Jilin Chen thank you for your thoughts, I agree with you 100%. As you say, we shouldn't assume corp greed as the reason for tax saving, but here's the thing: everyone does! None the less, I believe in google to be doing it for better reasons. I think time will reveal this to the masses too.
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Ed H. Chi is a Staff Research Scientist at Google, working on the Google+ project.  Ed was the Area Manager and a Principal Scientist at Palo Alto Research Center's Augmented Social Cognition Group. He led the group in understanding how Web2.0 and Social Computing systems help groups of people to remember, think and reason. Ed completed his three degrees (B.S., M.S., and Ph.D.) in 6.5 years from University of Minnesota, and has been doing research on user interface software systems since 1993. He has been featured and quoted in the press, including the Economist, Time Magazine, LA Times, and the Associated Press.

With 20 patents and over 80 research articles, his most well-known past project is the study of Information Scent --- understanding how users navigate and understand the Web and information environments. Most recently, he leads a group of researchers at PARC to understand the underlying mechanisms in online social systems such as Wikipedia and social tagging sites. He has also worked on information visualization, computational molecular biology, ubicomp, and recommendation/search engines. He has won awards for both teaching and research. In his spare time, Ed is an avid Taekwondo martial artist, photographer, and snowboarder.

In 2012, Ed was the Technical Program Chair for ACM CHI2012 conference, the premier conference on Human-Computer Interaction research. 

Sr. Staff Research Scientist at Google
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FOOD POISONING!! Avoid! We were big fans of Mikuni for a long time, having been Northstar season passholders for a long time. We loved their beef-don that were served many years ago in the take-out section next door. Unfortunately, this place has been going downhill for some time, and I had really hoped that it would improve over the last few years, but we just had a food poisoning event here that is the straw that broke the camel's back. We will never be back again, to say the least. Last Sunday, I had family visiting from out of town, and we excitedly settled into our condo in the villiage and walked over to Mikuni for our very first meal on the mountain. The food was reasonably tasty, if not expensive ($13 for a sushi roll), but this was what I expected to pay in the village, so no big deal. We had two kid bento boxes, a California roll, two more sushi rolls, an Udon, and a beef teriyaki entree. Everyone was reasonably full and we walked out of the restaurant reasonably happy. The nightmare begun about 2-3 hours later. One of the kids on our trip started to throw up all over the bathroom, and this lasted all night. An obvious case of food poisoning! We happened to have a SF doctor friend who is also renting a condo nearby who came to check up on the kid, and confirmed it as a typical case of food poisoning. Given that the only other food she ate after lunch was a packaged chocolate bar (which I also had part of), I think this was pretty clear case of where the source was---Mikuni, a meal that I spent over $100+ for. The kid ended up missing the entire day of skiing, held up in the condo, vomiting water and Gatorade all day. We went to the restaurant to inform them of the issue on Wednesday. The assistant manager promised to talk to the supervising manager and get back to us in two days. They never called. We called again today, only to be told that it wasn't their responsibility, since no one else had called to tell them they got sick that day! Need I say more?!
• • •
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Came here as part of a company offsite with close to 30 people. The service was efficient and professionally conducted. The guide offered plenty of explanation of the wildlife and was friendly and kept an eye on time. I only wish we could have paddled harder, but understate that they must accommodate abilities of all levels during a big group like ours.
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reviewed 2 years ago