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Ed Brayton
I write, therefore I am.
I write, therefore I am.

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Just trying to make my default setting public by making a public post. Nothing to see here, move along. I said move along, dammit!

A claim to have "pwned" someone in a youtube debate is a pretty reliable sign of douchebaggery.

Okay, this is cracking me up. Forbidden Fruit has pulled a G Man and claims he's now found the lord. I can't imagine why anyone would take that stupid, obnoxious fuck seriously whether he's an atheist or a Christian. Point and laugh. Then walk away.

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This is the op-ed piece I wrote for the Kaufman Interfaith Institute about the importance of doing interfaith service projects, which was published in the Grand Rapids press this week. For some reason, it wasn't put up on their online site.

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I'm going to be on Atheist Analysis tonight at 11 pm EST. Details here.

Bored on a Saturday afternoon. Any hangouts going? Or people who want to start one?

Any hangouts going on that wouldn't make me want to climb a clock tower with a rifle?

If someone doesn't start a band called Steamed Vagina, Gwyneth Paltrow's entire life will have been lived in vain.

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Here's one I bet you've never heard of.
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