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"Rights" never require a gun to enforce.
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+David Chako I asked that question because I have only one fact about why a government wanted  to give married people (in the normal sense) benefits. Government wanted to settle the American west with families. They advertised in Europe for settlers/families and paid their way to America. Homosexuals were not only ungodly according to most morals of Americans and western state governments, but also, they scientifically could not fulfill the needs of the embryonic states west of the Mississippi - populating and growing the community -- e.g. procreation.
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Google+ is going to die because of the most atrocious software quality. 3 months ago Chrome + GooglePlus + gmail were compatible. Now they aren't. Google has lost all but one sign-in account for gmail and G+. Chrome can also not properly size the presentation of G+ or gmail -- bottom fourth of screen is occupied by unsizeable nonsense on both Windows and Mac OS. Google's software quality sucks even more than Microsoft's.
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Looking for discussion. Please state your views.

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Still waiting to learn what people think Progressive Social Justice is. Please start a conversation.
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Ed Bradford

commented on a video on YouTube.
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"end the nuclear ambitions of Iran" ????

Depending on when this was recorded, this statement is either profoundly ignorant or a lie. Today, we hear Obama will allow Iran to have a bomb in 10 years. (Feb 23, 2015).

Obama has failed to live up to his "unacceptable" promise to the American people in 2008. We have a doofus in the White House.
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+Justanotherhuman2 Does anyone think today's announcement from Obama will end Iran's nuclear ambitions. Obama and Iran have lied so much that the announcement is a joke.15 years from now when Iran has many bombs, we can look back and credit Obama.
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UN Arms Trade Treaty
USA signs it in Sep, 2013

The only thing I can think of is Obama signed it knowing
it has no legal effect until the Senate approves it with
67 votes. Obama knows that won't happen. That is the very best
possible explanation I can think of. Assuming I am correct,
what are Obama's motives for signing it?

If anyone reads this treaty (and it is not a difficult or long
read) and is OK the US signing it, that person is very
misinformed and ignorant of American history.

Full Text of UN Arms Trade Treaty

United States signed this treaty on 25 September, 2013.
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Don't know what "ello" is but it sounds intriguing.
Simple, beautiful & ad-free.
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On the "social media" I am a bit political. You may not agree with my libertarian views. Fair warning, right? That will not change my love and respect for you and Judy. Everything I do is in "public".

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Ed Bradford

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From Reader Supported News (RSN)

Marc Ash

My comments:

"In Nevada, a rancher defied a federal court
 order with the support of hundreds of
 heavily armed self-styled militia members.
 Together they confronted federal agents
 attempting to serve a warrant, in some cases
 training their weapons on the agents."

    Not even 1/10th of the truth. If this
    is all you can say about the "bundy issue"
    you should stand down.

"In Ferguson, Missouri,..."
    You demonstrate zero knowedge of
    all the facts, yet your condemn. You
    are a leader of a lynchmob?

"To understand the state of race relations
 in America in the year 2014, you need look
 no further than the reactions by state and
 federal law enforcement to the two events."

     YIKES! Such a simple minded statement
     by the 'creator' of RSN explains why
     funding is a problem.

     This particular quote is nonsense and
     almost certainly will not
     be explained in any detail by
     Marc Ash. That is because he cannot
     do it. If he can, I am all in with
     the discussion and might actually
     contribute to RSN (the 'r' 's' 'n'
     concept is exellent, in my view; the
     RSN execution is propaganda in my

"The federal warrant remains unserved to
this day."
  So Marc Ash acknowledges he has no clue
  on any of the issues, right? For those
  in Rio Linda and probably Marc Ash: The
  issues are (1) why does the federal
  governmet own 80+% of land in Nevada
  and >10% of land in any state east
  of the Mississippi?; (2) why, if a court
  has ordered Bundy to leave, has the
  central government just adjudicated to
  confiscate Bundy's property?; (3) Where
  does the federal government get the power
  of "ownership (and therefore, complete
  control)" of anything? Can anyone explain
  where such power is invested in the
  federal government?

  "when a civilian police force adopts military methods and equipment ..."
     A progressive Governor, a progressive POTUS
     and a progressive House and Senate delivered
     this very horror. UP YOUR GAME! THINK!! I saw
     this happening in 2011. You are an obamaphile or
     a progressive lemming if you just think today
     that this happened and is wrong. I mean, really, HELLO?
"Where was the full military response when it was really  appropriate in Nevada?"

     There was none and that was appropriate because
     no on lost a life in NV. Your profoundly shallow analysis
     of NV is why your RSN site always has funding problems. You
     are an ideologue who will not listen and engage with those with whom you do not understand.
     Where do you stand on the 10+ people murdered
     daily in Chicago? What is RSN doing to ameliorate
     that problem? NOTHING AS FAR AS I CAN TELL!!!

"To a white-dominated America, angry black folks in the streets are far more terrifying than the most heavily armed whites, regardless of the circumstances."

     This statement is not only stupid, but also hateful.
     Authors of statements like this one should be shunned by
     all thinking world citizens. I am white. "angry black
     folks" do not scare me in the least bit. Mobs, as created by progressives do. Mob actions and violence are most often created by progressive activists. Mob actions are created by those who what their stuff at any cost - think looting.
 "In reality, the white para-military Ferguson police are more closely aligned ideologically, and more likely to be sympathetic with the white so-called militiamen that defied federal agents at the Bundy Ranch than they are to oppose them. Both groups are largely comprised of members with military training and experience."
     Your words leave me almost speechless. They clearly
     and unequivocally are illogical and not based on facts.
     I must try to understand your feelings and emotions
     when you make such statements. I will try.
     Here's my guess (explain to me in detail if I am wrong):
        "white para-military Ferguson police are more closely aligned ... "  "with the white so-called militiamen that defied federal agents at the Bundy Ranch"
           I would counter your illogical and 5th grade
           statement with "Marc Ash is more closely aligned
           with (his unstudied understanding of) socialism than the 'American Experiment'". 
 "In Ferguson, as across America today, there is no justice or peace."
    Spoken like a preacher from a pulpit
    to the parishioners who just BELIVE.

    Your RSN get no money based on statements like this.

Open your mind, Marc Ash. Listen to those
with whom you disagree. Engage in discussion.

This post is not very smart, wrong on so many issues
and does not represent any significant (e.g. >40%)
number of Americans by 100% of the credible polls
I have read.

"How many deaths will it take?"
   HELLO? Looked at Chicago or Flint lately? You
   really must up your game.

Ed Bradford, Ph.D. Physics, Retired from IBM
'Nothing could better illustrate the reality of anti-African-American bias in America today than the stark contrast between what happened at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada and what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri. The response to those two events is a portal to the soul of a nation that still belongs to Jim Crow.' Marc Ash, RSN
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Ed Bradford

commented on a post on Blogger.
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When you say
Here are a few organizations that were created for the sole purpose of amending the Constitution to strip corporations of their Constitutional “rights”:
that would be taking away a "right" the constitution does not grant. The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution together acknowledge that natural rights (life, liberty, property, pursuit of happiness,...) do not come from government. Your statement ought to be amended to say "strip corporations of their Natural rights" wouldn't you say?
It’s called “Corporate Personhood.” “Corporate personhood” means that corporations are treated as though they were persons, indeed citizens, under the law, as having the same Constitutional Rights as “natural persons,”...
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+Fred Spinoff I mean Greg!
Yes, Tom Paine.
Tom was quite a wordsmith, I wish I were 1% of how good he was.
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Ed Bradford

Discussion  - 
What does anyone think of "The American Sniper" Movie? Has anyone seen it. If so, I would very much like to hear your thoughts.

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Asking for any comments on this subject.
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Springsteen does not connect with the lyrics. This song has been so much better elsewhere. He would be voted off Voice and American Idol for this performance.
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Ed Bradford

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The College Board creates new, progressive view of advanced
placement in US History.

(Not reported elsewhere. Why is that?)
Here is a practice test for AP History (advanced
placement) for high school graduates that informs high school
teachers what to teach.

I'm not happy with it.
(Should this pdf be removed, I have have a copy and can send
to any who asks.)
Here are my comments:

Question 1-3
I know who George Whitfield was. These questions
require the students to know the consensus of
the du jour (progressive) US history teachers’ views
of the affects brought about by George Whitfield.
The questions are subjective and the answers will
change on an annual basis.

Question 4-7
People came to US in the 1840’s from Ireland because
of the potato famine. Are students not expected to know
any details about what accelerated immigration?
Where did immigration go after 1860 and why?

Question 7, in particular offers 4 wrong choices.
Q4 and Q5 are du jour progressive views.

Question 8-10
These questions are gimme’s Forget the quote. Just say
“women’s rights” and ask the question and 98% of Americans
can just guess the correct answer.

Question 11-13
Question 12 is another gimme
Question 13. The correct answer is a nuanced
answer that doesn't begin to describe the
significance or ask for an understanding
of the significance of ether Paine’s or
Jefferson’s quotes.

Question 14-17
Warren’s quote is true about any two things and is a platitude.
No two things are equal. Why is this quote in this test.
Q14 actually asks if the student knows any facts about
the effects of Brown v BOE Topeka. This is one of the
first questions that is actually a good question.
Q15 “a growing belief” YIKES. This is du jour progressivism.
Q16 Since the the quote gives is true about any two things
whatsoever, how can this question be answered correctly?
The quote basically say there is no equality anywhere ever.
How can it be anything but nonsense. OOOPS. I see. Since
race is involved, B is the answer. I just put on my progressive
think hat and now I know.
Q17 Another excellent question that requires student to actually
know some history. I think it is now.
It is now 15-2 on irrelevant history versus relevant history.

Question 18-20
Studying the Immigration Act of 1924 without also studying
the debate means we are judging the past by what we think today.
That is very poor historiography and y’all know it. This is propaganda.
Not only that, but any nation has the right to exclude anyone from
any nation based on whim only. You can argue that it is immoral, but
you have to explain why and what those who passed the law were thinking.
This is not a high school subject. A 5 lecture series in the whys,
hows, and wherefore of the 1924 Immigration Act would just barely present
the pros and cons. Do high school US History classes have an entire
school week to devote to such minutia? I doubt.

Question 21-23
Q 21 is most profoundly negative and does not identify
either Truman's or Reagan's message. Both messages were
positive and uplifting. Q21 attempts to extract from
student the progressive view of what was wrong with those
If college and high school history teachers
wrote this question and offered the 4 choices, they have
no defense for their political views. A true academic
would have given four positive views that both where trying
to express. Neither Truman nor Reagan would respect the 4
choices offered by the "COLLEGE BOARD". Communication
today is a mystery to progressives. They find hate in
phrases of those with whom they disagree. This question
and an excellent example of the lack of ability to communicate
or understand by progressives. YIKES!
This question challenges students to chose what
Truman or Reagan hated. It is so very inappropriate.
I'm only on question 21. Should I go on?

Questions 24-26 based on a picture
are dumb. Any who has not seen picture is guessing.
Was picture taken in India, Mexico, Haiti, Cuba?
Questions 24, 25 and 26 are not legitimate.
John Muir on Hetch Hetchy - he only engaged after the
valley was targeted. He engaged as a politician and
well know environmentalist - not an economist. Nowhere
in the AP Example Test are Muir's political views or
remunerations acknowledged. BAD FORM. Muir might
very well be right and many or even most Americans
would support him TODAY. However, in Muir’s day
few did as represented by the very existence of Hetch Hetchy
[Judging past actions by today's standards seems
endemic in today’s progressives.]

Question 29 is an example of subjective views owned
by progressive college and high school teachers that
they want projected onto all students. They provide and
can provide zero statistics that prove their assertions.
They beg the question in the questions.

Questions 30-33 based on GW's (George Washington's)
farewell address:
GW had profound knowledge of government history and
recommended USA stay out of European political intrigue.
Questions ask students to apply armchair quarterbacking
to post revolutionary times. Such analysis is obviously
opinion, subjective and political. AP History should be about
understanding what went on at the time, not how Benjamin
Franklin's words apply to a very much more complex situation
in 1917 where, not even the authors of this test can
present a coherent response.
[Judging past actions by today's standards seems
endemic in today’s progressives.]

Questions 34-36
Question 35 is a telltale question. If the answer
is (B), then the political agenda of this test is proven
and certain.

Question 37 is idiotic. It offers 4 choices, none
of which is an accurate and truthful response to the question.

Question 38 has an obvious answer that is not represented
in any of the choices

Question 39 is mysticism/nonsense. I would very much
like to hear the detailed explanation of the answer
from the anointed college and high school
teachers that created the question and KNOW the unquestioned

Questions 40-42 - John C. Calhoun
John C. Calhoun is a real study. No lightweight questions
about his views are authoritative including any "COLLEGE
BOARD" question - college and high school history
teachers notwithstanding. This question is inherently
a lightweight question requiring only a political
(uninformed) and scripted answer to do well on this test.
Question 41 demonstrates that the authors of this
test really do not understand slavery. They
have an agenda to project their current emotional/political
views on the past. Hint, most of humanity in
the early 1800's understood 'science (e.g.
global warming) to mean that Negros were
inferior to Whites. That was the science
of Calhoun's day. If 'ap history' will not address,
then it is pure propaganda.

Questions 43-44
Complete mystery to me. Never heard of this guy.

Questions 45-47
"Carl Schurz, Report on the Condition of the South, 1865"
Who is Schurz?
No high school teacher in America knows about this
guy and his history unless I threaten to ask him. This
is, perhaps the dumbest, most irrelevant question
on this test SO FAR!

Questions 48-50

Questions 51-53

Questions 54-55
Answers to these two are way beyond subjective. They are
But they are all gimme questions where if you
are a progressive/lemming, you can just guess the correct
answer without any detailed knowledge.
END OF PART A (first 55 minutes of 1 hour 30 minutes)

[Should I do part B - the other 35 minutes? I can’t find
the answers to the practice exam so I cannot grade myself
on my progressive knowledge. Woe is me.]

I haven't found out where the answers to this practice
exam are so I don't know how to fully judge the exam.
My views are expressed above.

It seems this AP History exam is guided by progressive
teachers (both college and high school) that demonstrate
not much knowledge about what is unique about America.
I doubt seriously, if I walked into any college US History
classroom or any high school US History classroom and
challenged on the spot the lecturer to take and pass this test
with 90% proficiency (a requirement of mine for any person
to teach, any one of them could pass it.

Parents of high school and college kids. Print
this test out. Take it to your high school parent-teacher's
night and challenge in public that US History teacher to pass
this test.

I started studying US History in great detail about 15 years
ago. I've read Zinn, Paul Johnson, Shelby Foote, Gustavus
Myers, Hayek, Friedman, Samuelson and more. I’ve read left,
right, central and anything that purports to present
history. I recognize very
little in this practice exam.

My guess is the reason why I don't recognize anything, is because the
"COLLEGE BOARD" is trying to change American history studies.
They want students to focus on these issues which were not
only insignificant during their contemporary habitation, but
insignificant today.
It this AP History exam does not have a propaganda
agenda, then neither did any Goebbels' publications.
In August the first wave of approximately 500,000 high school sophomores and juniors will begin courses based on the College Board’s redesigned AP US History Framework. The new Framework is a poorly organized and biased document that presents a consistently negative view of American history that is not aligned with legally mandated state curriculum standards.
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