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Ecogreen Cocoa County Kerala Homestay
Come to the world of Cocoa and Chocolate- “the Food of Gods. “ Make our home yours for the duration of your stay. Our aim is to make your st
Come to the world of Cocoa and Chocolate- “the Food of Gods. “ Make our home yours for the duration of your stay. Our aim is to make your st

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Alleppey / Kumarakom Houseboat Day Cruise

Explore backwaters of Kerala, by Houseboat Day cruise. The main The backwater center of Kerala is Alleppey, followed by Kumarakom and Kollam.

Day Cruise starts at 11.15 and ends at 5 pm with Food

For Details-

Tripenticer Holidays
Contact Us - on Google Allo / WhatsApp - +91 7012565334
Mobile- 099614666495, 09142311171

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Tripenticer Kumarakom Houseboat Day Tour 07012565334 - TRIPENTICER

Kumarakom Is one of the main Backwater Tourism spots in Kerala ,

Explore Kumarakom with Houseboat cruise in Vembanadu lake. Houseboat Day cruise is from 11am to 4 Pm.

#KUmarakom houseboatdaytour #Kumarakomhouseboats

#Kumarakomhouseboatdaytrip #Houseboatdaytrip


Contact Us – messages on Google Allo & Whatsapp us on Google Duo - +91 7012565334, 09961466495

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Kerala Houseboat Day tour - 07012565334

Houseboat day tours are getting popularity now a days. More and more people started to choose Kerala houseboat day tour comparing to traditional Day night packages

Tripenticer offers the best Houseboat Day Tours in Alleppey & Kumarakom

#Houseboatdaytour #Houseboatdaytrip #Keralahouseboats

#Houseboatdaytourinalleppey #HouseboatdaytourinKumarakom

Tripenticer Kerala Houseboat Cruise 07012565334

Contact Us – messages on Google Allo & Whats App on - +91 7012565334

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Select - Kerala Houseboat day cruise by Tripenticer Holidays

#Houseboatdaycruise is the moist important tourist activity in Kerala backwaters either in Alleppey or in Kumarakom.

#Houseboatdaytour #Houseboatdaycruiseinkerala

Tripenticer Holidays
Contact us on WhatsApp - +91 7012565334
Mobile- 099614666495, 09142311171


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Ecogreen Cocoa County #Keralahomestays offers Chocolate Cocoa Tour 2 Days 1 Night

#KeralaChocolatecocoatour 2 days covers 2 Days Ac trransportaion to visit Cocoa farm and Chocolate manufacturing units.

Visit Kerala herbal Nurseries-- Agricultural Nurseries

WhatsApp - 09961466495

09142311171, 09495216495

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Come to the world of Cocoa and Chocolate

Cocoa the food of the god's is a gift from God. The most protienous food in the world. Dark Chocolate is the outcome of Cocoa.. #Keralahomestays

We invite you for a Cocoa chocolate tour by #Keralahomestaytour

Visit Ecogreen Cocoa County homestay #Keralahomestay - your journey begins here.

WhatsApp - 09961466495

09142311171, 09495216495

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How To Make Chocolate from Cocoa nibs ?

Roast the nibs and grind them to a fine paste. TWhen the nibs have turned to a thick liquid, add the sugar and grind again for five minutes or until smooth. Stir in the cocoa butter – it should melt; if not, put the mortar back in the oven to warm up to 45C and stir again. The longer you can grind this mixture, the smoother the chocolate will be.

Ecogreen Cocoa County Homestay In Cocoa gardens

Stay at Ecogreen Cocoa County and Come to the world of Cocoa and chocolate

Ecogreen Cocoa County Homestay since 2005, approved by dept of Tourism & Govt of Kerala

Whatsapp- 09961466495


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The best way to experience Kerala backwaters by day cruise in Houseboats.

#Houseboatdaycruise is becoming popular day by day. infact the bestway to enjo Kerala backwaters at Alleppey/ kumarakom/ kollam is by #Dayhouseboattrip & Shikkara boating


Contact us on Whatsapp- 09961466495
09142311171, 09495216495

Safe & Secure stay offered by #Keralahomestays


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Where can I go for Houseboat day cruise ?

Alleppey, Kumarakom & Kollam are the main touristic Backwater Houseboat cruise destination.

Infact Alleppey is the center of Backwater Tourism in Kerala

#Houseboatdaycruise available in Alleppey. Kumarakom annd Kollam

#Keralahouseboatdayboating is really wonderful


Further more clarification pls feel free to contact

Mobile-- +91 9142311171, (0) 9961466495

#Daycruise, #Dayboatinh , #Daytrip

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Juanita koeijers and family from Australia at Ecogreen Cocoa county enjoying Cocoa garden

Come and stay with Ecogreen Cocoa county and explore the world of Cocoa and chocolate

Whatsapp- 09961466495,09142311171,09495216495

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