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"Green, Clean and Dry..."
"Green, Clean and Dry..."


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May 2018

The Important Benefits of Absorbent Compound Cleaning of Textiles

The accompanying, instructive report illustrates/demonstrates the HOST technology of soil-absorbing which provides soil “control”.

In this case, a red wine spot/spill on upholstery fabric is the example:

…loosening the soil

…absorbing (controlling) the loosened soil instantly like a sponge

…preventing the liquefied or separated soil from running down deeper into the fabric or carpet pile

…dry extract

…Voila! Clean fabric (or yarn) with no wicking-back later

The author and demonstrator, Jim Pemberton of Pembertons Cleaning and Restoration Training Center (, is a long-time friend…even while a distributor of wet extraction systems in this case he did not have any HOST, so he used another compound. Jim reports, “I’m sure HOST would give the same, effective results”.

You may want to use these techniques yourself, and pass them along to others. Please review this report:

The Gentlest Extraction Method

"The Gentle Extraction Method"
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
One of the more common risky issues that you will face as a fine fabric care expert is removing spots from fabric that might experience texture distortion during spot removal.

When fabrics are heavily soiled, overall cleaning usually changes texture somewhat evenly over the entire fabric, so texture changes from cleaning are rarely noticed.

In the case of lightly soiled fabrics, or clean fabrics with just one spot, this issue becomes much more challenging.

In both cases, the use of an "absorbent powder" may help you.

Absorbent powders that are used by the cleaning industry are usually finely ground minerals, cellulose materials, or synthetic adsorbent material. While their primary use is for carpet spotting purposes, fine fabric specialists find them invaluable for treating spots on the hypersensitive fabrics we are discussing here.

What these absorbent powders allow you to do - is to extract your spotting agent, moisture, and the spot itself into the powder with no mechanical action or vacuum, (both of which can contribute to texture damage). This technique also allows the moisture to be pulled directly up and into the powder, instead of it being allowed to migrate out to the perimeter of where moisture was applied, which may cause a water mark.

Here are a few hints on how to get your best use out of such a product.

This delicate fabric has a stubborn wine stain that must be removed without damaging the texture-

#1 - Qualify Qualify Qualify!
If a fabric is sensitive to texture changes and water stains, the fact that anything was spilled on the fabric may already be causing the problem to occur. Your process is to make sure that you don't make it worse, but you cannot guarantee that it hasn't already happened! Have that information put into writing on your inspection form.

#2 - Apply distilled water overall before any spotting or cleaning agents. Distilled water will help to prevent water marks, and may help to eliminate one that has already formed. Apply it over the entire cushion or section of the fabric you are treating.

#3 - Apply your spotting agent on the tip of a towel or cotton swab. Do not wipe, scrub, or even blot. At most, VERY gently tamp the spot with a soft brush to move the spotter into the spot.

#4 - Apply the absorbent powder about 1/8" thick, and then evenly over the cushion face or from seam to seam on the fabric. This is important because absorbent powders will remove the spotting material and soil, and sometimes leave a cleaner area than where cleaning alone was performed.


Evenly apply absorbent powder to the stained areas, and adjacent areas of the fabric as well-

#5 - Allow the powder to dry. This may take hours, so perform this process at your location, not in your customer's home, if at all possible.

#6 - Very gently brush away the powder. If any seems to be sticking to the fabric, its likely not dry enough. Use compressed, filtered air to remove any remaining surface powder, then vacuum with very gentle, low velocity vacuum equipment.

#7 - If the spot remains, but appears to be improving, repeat the process.

#8 - Advise your customer, and get permission in writing, if more aggressive spotting and extraction procedures are needed for complete spot removal.


"The wine stain has been completely removed from the fabric, with no texture distortion, water stains, or color loss-

As with any cleaning issue, and especially when cleaning hypersensitive high value fabrics, its ultimately your customer's responsibility for the incident that created the spot. You must never take any action, even as gentle as using absorbents in this fashion, without your customer having a clear understanding of the risks involved, and having that understanding in writing.

Please continue to send us your emails, concerns, questions and solutions you want to share with the rest of the HPCA community. We hope to bring you many more ideas as we continue to explore how to develop more business and separate you from the competition.

Fritz Rench


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Before and after pictures of a commercial cleaning we did this week...Commercial businesses love our NO DRYING TIME due to our Host Dry Cleaning system we employ...Call us at 702-292-4252 to learn more.

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Eric, one of our lead technicians, was at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival and, unfortunately his girlfriend was shot in the shoulder. He rushed her to the hospital with the help of a local taxi driver - I'm sorry but we don't know his name - who didn't charge Eric for rushing them to the hospital...

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Before and after pictures of couch made with Chantai fabric that we recently dry cleaned in the clients home. Chantai is a very fine fabric that can only be dry cleaned as 'steam cleaning' - really 'hot water extraction' would ruin it...As you can see, the job came out great and the client was extremely happy...

Ecodry Carpet Cleaning is the premier carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and area rug cleaning company in the Henderson and Boulder City areas for a reason as we are the only carpet cleaning company in the area who can handle fine, delicate fabrics like Chantai - just imagine what our dry carpet cleaning service can do for your carpets, upholstery and area rugs?...

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Cleaning carpets at the Veer Towers in Las Vegas...High Rise apartment owners and associations love +Ecodry Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas, NV because we dry clean carpets which equals NO DRYING TIME. They also love how all our chemical are plant-based natural chemicals safe for their families and pets...

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Working at another high rise...High rise apartments in #LasVegas and #Henderson love us for two reasons: First because our dry carpet cleaning equipment will allow us to go to any floor. Secondly they love our 'No Drying Time' because it takes carpets in some high rises hours to dry when they have been cleaned with portable wet-vac machines, which is what all steam cleaning companies use in high rises for obvious reasons.

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This is the kind of longterm results you can expect when #EcodryCarpetCleaning maintains your commercial carpet. This is a commercial grade carpet at William-Sonoma we have been maintaining for nearly eight years. As you can see, this commercial grade glue-down carpet looks as nice as it did eight years ago when we started a monthly maintenance program.
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Are you ready for some football Las Vegas?!...+Ecodry Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas, NV is proud to be a new sponsor of the #LasVegasRaiders...

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