A new study released last week kicked up some all-too-familiar fuss about formaldehyde. We all know the drill: researchers get a crappy clearomizer, crank the power way too far and then bask in all the juicy headlines that ensue. The problem is that nobody vapes like that in the real world.

But the new study is different. It claims to avoid "dry puffs" and still ended up with shocking results - with just two puffs of vapor containing more formaldehyde than a whole cigarette.

So should vapers be worried? Are the newspapers right?

To really get to the bottom of the issue, we need to do more than cherry-pick a few shocking data points. We need to look at all of the data, not just the stuff that agrees with one narrative or another.

So that's what we've done. If you want the full story on e-cigarettes and formaldehyde, this post has all of the facts and none of the fearmongering.
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