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Your Bike to E-Bike in Minutes
Your Bike to E-Bike in Minutes


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Congestion on northern Colorado roads is an increasing problem, consuming both our time and patience. The bus works well for some, but with several routes running only once or twice an hour, and other parts of town receiving no bus service at all, it remains an inadequate solution for many. Bicycling is a popular alternative. And with our growing number of bikeways, improvements to bike trails, and ever increasing miles of bike lanes, it’s getting better all the time. But for some folks, bicycling long distances, or in hilly areas, can be the deciding factor that keeps them from using bicycling for transportation.

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2000 Miles of Justice: My Year of Riding Electric Bikes

Almost one full year ago, I built myself an experimental electric bike to see what all the hype was about. As a profanely vocal proponent of muscle-only transportation, I was skeptical of the idea at first. But in the spirit of a good experiment, I decided to just add the thing to my bike fleet and see how it went for a year.

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Mike Merrell has always been an avid cyclist and bicycle commuter. But when he crushed all the bones in his foot moving a motorcycle off a truck, he thought his cycling days were behind him.

“It’s called a Lisfranc injury. My bones were crushed and all of my ligaments were completely torn. I no longer have a mobile arch in my foot,” Merrell said. “People with this severe of an injury can walk, but they don’t get back to what they actively did before.”

But going throughout the rest of his life without riding a bike was not an option for Merrell, so he started researching electric bikes. Regular electric bikes cost well into the thousands, and Merrell couldn’t afford that. So he decided to convert his own bike.

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Electric bicycles (e-bikes) explained. (Edition 13, July 2017)

Judging by how often I am asked about e-bikes lately, folk are catching on to their potential as a viable, green and fun option for people of all persuasions to be less vehicle dependent for appropriate journeys. For years, Chris and I have pedalled journeys long and short on ‘normal’ bikes, initially trying e-bikes simply out of curiosity, but quickly realizing how much fun, how convenient and how sensible they are as an everyday utilitarian transport option. In hilly, traffic choked Sheffield, where they achieve high average speeds, e-bikes are often quicker than the car in city/urban conditions! However, if you find yourself considering one, e-bike terminology and the range available is bewildering!

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What Are Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits?

Electric bicycle conversion kits are a set of tools and a battery to make your bicycle… electric! Simple, right? One might think that converting your two-wheeled (or three wheeled!) bike to run off electricity might be really difficult. It’s not! You don’t need to be a mechanic, nor do you need a professional electrician to assist you. It’s a matter as small as using a screwdriver. Conversion kits come with everything you need, as well as do-it-yourself instructions.

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E-bikes, or electric-assist bikes, have become increasingly popular for getting around town, doing errands, and commuting to work. Though you typically still have to pedal an e-bike, the motor means it’s significantly easier than riding a traditional bike, whether you have a long commute or live in a hill-strewn area or need to haul heavy loads on cargo bikes.

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I usually roll into my work building early in the morning with a large bright yellow backpack over my shoulder, an empty water bottle in one hand, and my old helmet in the other. I walk in energized, refreshed, and excited to begin my day. I stroll down the corridor past my colleagues hunched over at their desks. And every day without fail I have a big cheesy grin pasted to my face. It is a subconscious reflex to the sight of my colleagues looking and acting as if they were in character prepping for zombie roles in The Walking Dead Series.

My zombie-colleagues move slowly. They have extra-large containers of caffeine on their desks. Their bloodshot eyeballs are sunk deep into their faces. Few of them are smiling. They are trying to recover from their congested commute. They appear defeated and doomed for the day and it has only begun.

On the other hand, I have just logged an hour on my bike. I am refreshed having sped through traffic with the wind in my face, my heart beat is up, I’m hydrated because I’ve already had a quart of water, and I’m definitely awake ready to take on the day. I’m also smiling because I feel as if I have discovered something – SOMETHING HUGE – it seems no one else at work has figured it out yet. Read more...

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In its quest to defend the borders from those who wish to inflict harm, the U.S. military is always in search of new ways to increase its accuracy and effectiveness. Planning, teamwork and precision are examples of some of the elements that it takes to win an armed conflict, but having vehicles that are stealthy, maneuverable and dependable is also an important factor to consider. Will the electric bike be the solution for the military?

Providing speed and fuel efficiency, military bikes have the potential to become useful vehicles, but they have two significant drawbacks. The gas engines that currently power modern motorcycles are loud and lack reliability. The following information is going to provide a closer look at these problems and how electric bikes can provide a solution. Read more...

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If you are a cycling enthusiast, then you’ve probably feared the day competitive cyclists could use e-bikes to cheat in competitions. As far as the electric bike kit is concerned, many people feel as though the only purpose it serves is to provide people with an unfair advantage. If your aim is to get a better understanding of this concept, then it’s vital to take a closer look at electric bikes as well as the people who may use them: competitors and bicycle commuters.

Whether the cycling community is ready to embrace electric bikes, they are here to stay and their popularity is growing around the world. So let’s take a look at an infamous incident regarding the wrongful use of an electric bike and then consider how electric bikes should be used. Read more...

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More people than ever are utilizing bicycles to get around. Major cities throughout the U.S., including Seattle and New Orleans, are adding bike lanes to accommodate the growing number of cyclists. Yet, of the reported 103 million Americans who ride their bikes regularly, few understand the advantages of electric bike commuting. Electric bike benefits are myriad and have only recently begun to attract the attention of American commuters.

For some people, commuting to work via bicycle saves time and money. Still others ride bikes to improve their overall health. And a large segment of the cycling community loves how riding a bike instead of driving a gas-guzzling vehicle reduces their carbon footprint. Fortunately, electric bikes, which are vamped-up bicycles with an electric motor, come with the same perks. Read more...
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