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Johan Hates Humans

This absolutely cracks me up. People (primarily on Twitter) roasting Johan Bruyneel over his decision to get Chris Horner to the line. Does anyone sitting at a desk watching a live stream of the TdF have a clue about the actual pressures involved of being a DS (myself included)? Didn't think so.

While I completely understand people questioning Johan Bruyneel, does anyone actually put themselves in his shoes while making their rash judgments? You would lambaste him even worse if he put Horner in the car and yet he was able to safely ride the next day. I'm sure the people that write his paycheck would have something to say about it too. Concussion symptoms sometimes do not readily show themselves ( and it could very well be that Horner appeared damaged but still "OK" to ride. Also, from what I can tell, the caravan cars in the TdF are not exactly a bastion of peace and solitude where a person is well suited to make critical decisions on whether or not a person has a concussion. The peleton does not stop for crashes. OK, OK...unless you're Cancellara and you have a vested interest in the yellow jersey (see 2010 TdF...I'm not bitter am I?). And while JB's decision wasn't optimal, he had to make one. Refresh my memory but when's the last time you made perfect decisions under pressure? I know for me, I absolutely suck at making decisions under pressure and thus my reason for giving the man the benefit of the doubt.

The best possible scenario would be to ask Chris Horner (as soon as he stops thinking he's Superman in a pink cape eating In 'N Out) how he felt about JB's decision to bring him to the line?

Can you tell I'm tired of the rants? Get well Mr. Horner.

P.S. Actually does anyone know if JB was in the car that stayed behind with him right after the crash?
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Anyone who doesn't understand the choice to get Horner to the finish is 1: A Jessie! and 2: Completely ignorant of the history and culture of professional cycling.
I don't agree with folk posting the video of Horner after he finished though.
Hehe...always love how you get straight to the point. Agree with you on the video. Just wondering though if it might have helped push this topic of concussions to a point where it might finally be addressed by the various cycling organizations.
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