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We are proud to publish for the first time in paperback a selection of those expat stories that you can read every week on

Selecting and compiling those interviews has been a long task but also a lot of fun with the variety of anecdotes and experiences that so many expats have shared with us.

The main authors are of course those expatriates who took part in interviews published on’s platform over the last few years. The choice was not easy as +Florence Gindre and Cyril Richert went through nearly 400 interviews to eventually select 55 of them.

Each section and story in the book is also illustrated, representing an myth, anecdote or situation described in the story.

We hope that you will enjoy the book and share with all the past, current and future expats and friends that you know!

Amazon (choose the link to select best location)
*You can also buy the Book directly HERE:

More information and preview HERE:

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👍 Many thanks to Jack Scott for his nice (and well-defined) comments, and spreading the word about My Life Abroad:

"... My Life Abroad, a Selection of Expat Stories was published in September 2016. All the participants received a complimentary copy of the book which was a generous touch. Mine dropped on the mat a few weeks back and naturally I gave it a good thumbing. No one could question the book’s scale and ambition. There are abridged versions of 55 interviews and all continents apart from Antarctica are represented ..."

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📢 Many thanks to Amsterdamming for sharing about our book !! 👏Happy New Year in Amsterdam 🌞

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With some countries sending their best wishes before Xmas, others posting greetings in January, and Chinese people across the world waiting for the 28th January 2017 to celebrate the year of the Rooster, we have [arbitrarily] randomly decided that it was a good time, now, to WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The year 2016 has been marked by [Brexit] [Donald Trump's election] [Putin and Syria] our selection of expat stories, chosen amongst hundreds of expat interviews that you find on BlogExpat's special platform, that are now illustrated and published in paperback. (>>> see more information in the post just below <<<)

In the book you will enjoy the experience of other expats, their favourite moments and funny anecdotes that they share with us.

If you have not bought the book yet ( probably a few of you if we can trust the publisher's stats...), it's still time to do it RIGHT NOW (next week we increase the price by ...zillion%... ;-) ).

For the rest, we are excited to start a new year at EasyExpat and BlogExpat with even more guides (a new one on Cyprus is coming very soon), expat news and interviews.

We are looking forward to see you again soon on!

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[ES] Vuelve a Casa por Navidad

Por segundo año consecutivo la Fundación lanza el concurso “Vuelve a Casa por Navidad”, con el objetivo de ayudar a 10 personas que no puedan volver a España en estas fechas costeándoles el billete de ida y vuelta desde cualquier parte del mundo a España. Nos gustaría mucho que pudierais difundir esta campaña en todos vuestros canales para que pueda participar quienes más lo necesiten.

Aquí el video de la iniciativa:

Podéis consultar las bases y detalles del concurso en la web

Cualquier cuestión que tengáis no dudéis en comentármelo.
Un saludo,

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We are receiving photos of people who bought the book "My Life Abroad - A selection of expat stories" (Amazon for $16 - £12 - €15 / Reference: B01MTKFZYY).
Share your photo with us ❤️

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Have you sorted out all your Xmas presents for friends and family? What about giving them a bit of fun with our book on Expat Stories?

Xmas special offer: now available on Amazon for $16 - £12 - €15

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What is the local healthcare system like? Local insurance or international insurance? What about other problems? Ask yourself the right questions for your situation and choose the insurance plan that best suits your needs! [with APRIL]

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[FR] Qualité et coût des soins médicaux ? Prendre en compte ses besoins personnels ? Les services inclus ? Le montant de la franchise ? Afin de choisir la formule la mieux adaptée à votre situation, posez-vous les bonnes questions ! [avec APRIL]

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#‎Interview‬ from ‪#‎expat Natalie who moved from #Germany to ‪the #USA (#Arizona & #Alaska)‬: "It’s such a big country with so many opportunities: you can move wherever you like: 300 days of sunshine in Arizona or glaciers and snow in Alaska!"
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