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Adopter, gérer et optimiser les solutions infonuagiques
Adopter, gérer et optimiser les solutions infonuagiques

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Bientôt de nouvelles fonctionnalités / améliorations Salesforce dans le cadre de la release du printemps. Quelques conseils pour profiter le plus de ces nouveautés.

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Nous venons de lancer aujourd'hui une nouvelle version de notre site internet. Services et solutions ont été mis à jour et reflètent désormais notre orientation 100% Salesforce. 
N'hésitez pas à nous dire ce que vous en pensez.

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Englobant des sphères toujours plus grandes dans l'entreprise, Salesforce annonce aujourd'hui la sortie d'un AppExchange privée uniquement accessible à l'interne de l'entreprise. Un meilleur contrôle centralisé pour les administrateurs pour l'utilisation et l'installation d'applications.

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Voici une liste de première applications tierces que tout utilisateur Salesforce devrait avoir... 
Une grosse préférence pour Cirrus si vous utilisez Gmail comme application de messagerie principale

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Un très bon résumé des principales annonces faites par Google hier concernant Google+
Google+ has announced 18 new features, including multiple updates to Hangouts and additional tools for users who utilize the site for photographs. 

What do you think about the updates?

#googleplus   #socialmedia   #googleplusupdate  

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5 Easy Steps for Getting to the Cloud - from Google Executive Chairmain +Eric Schmidt

For those of us who interact with Google Apps on a daily basis, it's really refreshing to hear from Eric about the value of moving your organization to the cloud. This is something many of us already know, but for those of you who don't there is some very helpful info in this post.

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Voici une bonne expérience vécue qui compare bien deux approches différentes

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Nouvelle fonctionnalité très pratique pour visualiser simplement tous vos fichiers sur Drive
A new way to view files in Google Drive

Beginning today, Google Drive will let you quickly preview more than 30 file types and quickly flip between files until you find the one you want. 

From the preview window, you can click on the side arrows to flip to other files, watch video files or scroll through multi-page documents. You can even select and copy text from the preview -- even for a PDF. And you have one-click access to share, download, print or open a file for editing. 

Learn more about the Drive viewer here:

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Google Forms gets a refresh

Google Forms makes collecting information from people easy. Whether you're quizzing students on the latest math lesson or issuing a customer satisfaction survey, Google Forms can help. And being able to respond directly from the Google+ stream or your email inbox means people will want to get that information to you quickly. 

Today a new version of forms launches, rebuilt to bring you a faster, cleaner, and more collaborative experience. 

Now with collaboration
Create a form faster than ever. Just as with Docs, Sheets and Slides, you can now collaborate with others in real-time. If you need to work with two colleagues on a survey, all three of you can work on the same form simultaneously and even have a group chat on the side, without leaving the form.

Better editing
Even if you’re working solo, some new changes will make creating and editing forms easier. All your changes are auto-saved and you can quickly undo/redo edits. Improved copy-and-paste will let you copy a list of bullets from the web or multiple rows of text from a spreadsheet; then, when you paste into a form, each line will be appear as an individual answer. And you can use keyboard shortcuts to get things done more quickly.

This update to Forms will be rolling out to Rapid Release domains over the next few days, and to Scheduled Release domains in the coming weeks. You can create forms directly from Google Sheets or Drive, or install the Chrome Web App for easy access from your browser.

Also check the +Google Drive  Google+ page all week for tips and tricks.
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