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Best bookkeeping app for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Mac OS X
Best bookkeeping app for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Mac OS X

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Our iOS app was updated today:

We fixed an issue affecting the transfer of a backup from one device to another using AirDrop. When Easy Books on the receiving device was locked with a passcode, the app could quit unexpectedly.

We've also (slightly) changed the name of the app. You astute people out there will probably notice the app is now called "Easy Books: Accounting, Bookkeeping & Invoicing". We hope this will make the app easier to find, plus people searching for book reader software can quickly tell it isn't what they're after!

As usual, if you have time, please spread the word and/or leave a review in the App Store: It really helps.


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The keen-eyed amongst you will have noticed some changes to the web site over the last week.
Here’s what we changed!

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We're going multi-Currency!

If your business deals in more than one currency you'll find this new feature a huge time-saver.

Easy Books handles 150+ currencies with exchange rates updated hourly. It also tracks historical rates, just add transactions and let Easy Books find the rate applicable at the time. Run a Profit & Loss report to show all your realised and unrealised gains.
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This is a busy time of year isn't it! Many people are just getting started with their first financial year and are taking their first steps with Easy Books. As always, we're here to help so if you know anyone just starting out please let them know.

We've been busy adding new features that will hopefully make the app even better to use. The main additions are:

• Import transactions from CSV files.
• We've added auto-completion to make it quicker to enter text you've used before.
• Invoice total to pay is now presented as bold text to make it clearer for your clients to find the amount to pay.

This is currently only available in the web site edition of the Mac app, but will be coming soon to the Mac App Store. If you have any feedback about these features we'd love to hear it. Remember though, if you need help with something get in touch via the support link on the site - don't post private information here!

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Apple Macs have always been pretty reliable for me, but a few people have contacted support recently after theirs have failed suddenly (and failed badly). With all that financial data stored on the broken machine, the question is normally how to get it back.

Using our Sync service is the best option for peace of mind, followed by manually backing up using the Easy Books menu. Keep the backup file somewhere other than the computer, e.g. a Flash drive, webmail, or in a service like Dropbox and Evernote.

But failing that, if all you have is a Time Machine backup from the old computer you might be able to recover the system. You just need to know which folders to restore...
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Why we're leaving the Mac App Store edition at v3.5.

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Playing around with a few ideas to save space on smaller screens. What do you think?

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