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I have following to share from the introduction of 'Tojik Indian Yoga Secrets' (A New arrival soon) by a Tojik Yogi -AV Sobir
Practicing Yoga since 1984 without a teacher, without books, simply traveling to India for confirmation of ideas 10 times, I’ve found that I’m one of the followers of Buddha generation.  Many statues have been found in our country in yoga postures and one Buddha statue of 13 meters is exhibited now in Japan.  I’m the president of Yoga Association in my country since 1990 and a director since 1985. I’m very strict and disciplined in Yogic philosophy and practice. I’ve published about 10 books and 150 articles in Tojik, Russian, English and Hindi so far. This long book is now in English with an intention of a global reach. The great secret of my life is that in 1986, after 3 years of individual practice in Yoga by books, my third eye was opened. There came a prediction for me that the USSR will disintegrate soon, - I’ll tell about it in detail in pages to follow. Since that time I have become a fighter for a brighter life of Yoga. My past life of Yogic experiences has been a boon to me as I am curing all sorts of ailments through it.
​The present book is written particularly in view of the readers of India, Tajikistan and the whole world in general for demonstrating the reality of Yoga. Dear readers, after reading this book, you will not regret why you h purchased it. You may have many books on yoga at your disposal, but the Yoga which cures every disease momentarily, just in one day, one week, one month and one year’s prescription is here. It depends on the seriousness of disease and the patient. I may not be one like many yogis & gurus of India & some other countries, but I’m one from you who has had a turning point like every one of you now must have. I am therefore, briefly recording my story of my life since my birth in high different colored mountainous village of Tojikistan.
  My life was very complicated, curved, and difficult with mysteries unknown to me till now. P. D. Mishra was the only yogi who came to my country and opened my eyes to yoga inviting me to come to India. He took me around this great land showing the places of wonder. I am now completing this vibrating work in his company and care. He has already written a number of books on Yoga, philosophy, literature and Vedic science. We are confident that this book is received very warmly by all seekers of the truth around the world.
 Dusanbey, Tojikistan                                           Abduvahob Sobirov (Yogishwranand)
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