Easy Video Maker v5.15 Released.
1. New H.264 Encode Engine, easy to increase the compresssion of H.264 by increase P and B frames.
2. New styles in Lyric Maker module, "Paragraphs", "3D Paragraphs" and "Paragraphs Ex".
3. New "Limit Area" option in Lyric Maker module.
4. Easy to add cool "Audio VU Meter" by double click on Overlay Line.
5. Easy to set the Thumbnail(Key Frame) of each face within "3D Group Effect" module.
6. FIxed bug - sometimes the video and audio be not sync.
7. FIxed bug - sometimes the chroma key function be unavailable.
8. FIxed bug - sometimes the created mp4 video no image.
9. FIxed bug - some special images be blurred after rendered.
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