Easy Video Maker v5.05 Released.
1. Entirely new Engine, more stable and faster.
2. It's easy to Take Snapshots of video. Just need to add video clip into Video Line, then right click it and select "Take Snapshots" to select the favorite moments with just few clicks.
3. with new "3D Group Effect" module, we can easy to make multiple video clips or images as a Group, then add cool 3D Group Effects onto this Group, that will help us easy to create cool 3D videos.
4. with new "Color Adjust" module, we can easy to beautify videos or images, easy to adjust color, hue, saturation, brightnewss, contrast, etc.
5. Now, Supports MAX 12 Overlay lines, MAX 4 Audio lines, and MAX 6 Text lines, that's most powerful.
6. with new "Overlay Layout" module, we can easy to put each Overlay video/image to right position quickly.
7. Now, The program can keep the Audios of Overlay Lines directly.
8. Now, The target format supports MKV format.
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