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East Africa Business Consultants
(Company Set-Up and Investment Advisory In Kenya, Uganda Tanzania and the Larger East African Region)
(Company Set-Up and Investment Advisory In Kenya, Uganda Tanzania and the Larger East African Region)


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Business Registration, Accounting and Tax, Foreign Investment Facilitation Services In Mombasa Kenya
At East Africa Business Consultants Business Consultants we focus on helping you set up and run your business Professionally, Efficiently and Conveniently. Some of the services we offer our clients are; 
1) Financial Management Consultancy (Book Keeping/ Accounting, Management & Cost Accounting), 
2) Business Registration Services, 
3) Tax Advisory Services & Returns filing(VAT, PAYE, NSSF, NHIF, WHT, Inst Tax, etc),, 
4) Loss management 
5) Foreign Investment Facilitation Call us Today on 0716079866/0724553858 for consultation on the same

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Consulting, Tax, Foreign Investors Facilitation, Financial Management, Relail loss Management Services In Kenya
At East Africa Business Consultants , We Specialize in Providing Consulting Services and Solutions to Companies.Some of the services we offer our clients are;
-Business Registration Services,
-Tax Advisory Services & Returns filing(VAT, PAYE, NSSF, NHIF, WHT, Inst Tax, etc),
-Foreign Investors Facilitation Services
-Financial Management Consultancy (Book Keeping/ Accounting, Management & Cost Accounting),
-Retail Loss Management
Call us Today on 0716079866 for consultation on the same

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Foreign Investment & Trade Facilitation in Kenya
Kenya is one of the ‪#‎Economic_Leaders‬ in sub-Saharan Africa. Knowing the Numerous ‪#‎Benefits‬ ‪#‎Foreign_Investors‬ bring to our Country and Region, We do our level best to make Investing Easy and Fast by helping you avoid the apparent ‪#‎red_tape‬ and ‪#‎bureaucracy‬ in the acquisition of the relevant Government Investment Licenses and Permits in Kenya.
We Strive to use our Professionalism, Expertise and Years of experience in making it easy for you as a Foreigner or Expatriate to Set Up your Company.
Contact Us or Talk To a Consultant on 0716 079 866 or click for more Info.

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Accounting and Tax Services In Kenya

Outsourcing has been a fast rising service which has proved to deliver better, faster and secure services which are reliable.Outsourcing your accounting and tax services is the way to go in this very challenging and competitive business world to enable you as an entrepreneur to focus on your business and profit maximizing. At East Africa Business consultants we make it our business to handle all your accounting and tax obligations and report to you as and when needed, we go a step further and give you sound business advice from our vast accounting,tax and business skills.
Contact us today on 0716079866 or click on

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Company Registration, Work Permit Business Permit Registration In Kenya and East Africa
We are a professional Corporate body seeking to make it easier for foreigners to  Invest and Work In Kenya.

With us, What you see is what you get we always endeavor to deliver what we promised and our main aim is to help your Business Grow.

We help you from the initial stages of Feasibility Study, Coming up with a realistic Business Plan, Setting-up  of the Company, Facilitation of Business Permits & Work permits Application, Digital Marketing, Accounting and Tax, Loss Management, and the General Business Consultancy
Talk to us today on 0716079866 or Contact us on

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At EABC, we take care of the entire accounting and taxation needs in your business operations.
We specialize in meeting your book keeping and accounting requirements for small and medium sized entities in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
Our scope ranges from value added book-keeping, accounting and tax services to innovative and efficient financial management services as well as business intelligence.

Contact us Today on 0716079866 / 0724533858 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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Post Incorporation/ Company Registration Services in Kenya

Our experienced technical team can offer an extensive range of services relating to the structural changes to your company. We will prepare and file all appropriate documentation.Our Post Incorporation services include:- Change of company/Business Name- Amendment to articles of association- Creation of more than one class of shares- Transfer of shares- Allotment of shares- Purchase of own shares out of reserves- Share for share exchange- Shareholders' agreement

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Are you looking to Start/ Form a business

Setting up your own business can be an exciting time. Before you start, save yourself time and money by being aware of what's involved in running a business.
Investing time into proper planning is key to turning your dreams into reality. Operating a small business is not just about working for yourself or working from home, it's also about having the necessary management skills, industry expertise, technical skills, finance and of course a long-term vision to grow and succeed.

Contact us Today on 0716079866 / 0724533858 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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Key components of a partneship deed.....:)

Before starting a partnership business, we advice our clients to draw up a legal document called a Partnership Deed of Agreement & It usually contains 
the following information:

- Names of included parties - includes all names of people participating in this contract
- Commencement of partnership- includes when the partnership should begin. The date of the contract is assumed as this date, if none is given.
- Duration of partnership - includes how long the partnership should last. It is automatically assumed that the death of one of the contracting parties 
breaks the contract, unless otherwise stated.
- Business to be done - includes exactly what will be done in this partnership. This section should be very particular to avoid confusion and loopholes.
- Name of firm - includes the name of the business entity.
- Initial investments - includes how much each partner will invest immediately or by installments.
- Division of profits and losses - includes what percentages of profits and losses each partner will receive. If it is not a limited partnership, 
then there is unlimited liability (each partner is responsible for all partners' debts, including their own).
- Ending of the business - includes what happens when the business winds down. Usually this includes three parts: 1) All assets are turned into cash and d
ivided among the members in a certain proportion; 2) one partner may purchase the others' shares at their value; 3) all property is divided among 
the members in their proper proportions.Date of writing - includes simply the date that the contract was written.


Contact us on 0724553858/0726097452 or
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