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Earlier this month, we asked for your help naming the newest member of the Earth Rangers family. We've tallied the votes and the winning name is... Quillow! Like all of our Animal Ambassadors, Quillow will be taking on an important role at Earth Rangers, helping to educate children and their families about the environment. Meet more of Earth Rangers Animal Ambassadors here: #porcupine   #newname   #environment   #education   #funforkids  
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The seahorse may give birth to up to __ young at a time.
A) 50
B) 400 
C) 2,500
D) 250,000 

For the answer to today's question, click here:

Test your animal trivia skills with our newest game, Animal Idol!

Photo Credit: Nick Hobgood 

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thos animals are so cute
by hannah lush
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How many hearts does an octopus have?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

For the answer to today's question, click here:

Test your animal trivia skills with our newest game, Animal Idol! #wildlifewednesday   #octopus   #trivia  
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Earth Rangers

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Want to catch up on the latest animal news but aren’t near a computer? Craving Top Tens while on the road? Well now you don’t have to wait until you get home to enjoy Earth Rangers. You can take us EVERYWHERE with the Earth Rangers App! Download it for free from iTunes and Google Play
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Nia boo
I love you ertrejes

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It's photo caption time! Post your best caption for this funny photo of a fawn. Photo credit: Flickr user Melanie MP #captionthisphoto   #deer   #babyanimals   #wildlifewednesday   #funnyanimals  
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Awww owl face! Share a photo of your owl face on Instagram for a chance to win an Earth Rangers t-shirt. How do you make an owl face? Check out this fun video to find out! To qualify for this contest follow @earth_rangers on Instagram, tag your owl photo #ERangerOwl and upload it to Instagram before the contest closes on Sunday November 30, 2014. Full contest details here: #owlsdayeveryday   #owlsome   #contestalert   #instagram   #awww   #funnyface  
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I entered the contest! Please search up #ERangerOwl on instagram!

- Earth Ranger Lamiya
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We’re excited to announce that we have a new animal ambassador, an adorable female prehensile-tailed porcupine. We need your help to give her an awesome name, leave a comment to tell us which of the following three names is your favourite.

1) Quillow
2) Pia
3) Terra 

Meet more of the Earth Rangers' Animal Ambassadors here:
#porcupine   #nameme   #wildlifewednesday   #cuteanimals  
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Did you know that countries have national birds? Here’s our countdown of some of the weirdest looking national birds from all around the world. If you could pick your country’s national bird, which species would you choose? Leave a comment to share your suggestion. #birds   #nations   #toptentuesday  
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Ben 550
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Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Thanks to all the Earth Ranger kids and their friends and family who have helped make this year filled with conservation success stories. Your support has helped protect animals and allowed us to share environmental education with children across Canada. Find out more about our conservation projects here #happyholidays   #seasonsgreetings   #ourfamily   #animals   #presents   #cutevideo   #thanksdec   #conservation   #environmentaleducation  
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So cute. My sister said why don't we get presents.
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'Tis the season for gift giving! Here’s a gift idea for all the animal lovers, an Earth Rangers water bottle, which someone has decided to rename… sneaky otters. Get your Earth Rangers water bottle at The Earth Rangers Shop #holidaygifts   #waterbottle   #otters   #animalslovers   #holidayseason   #holidayshopping  
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Partnering with kids to protect animals and their habitat.
Earth Rangers educates children about the importance of biodiversity and empowers them to protect animals and their habitats.

On, kids can watch videos, learn about nature on the Wild Wire blog, play free eco-themed games, and start their very own campaign to protect animals.
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