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Iridescent Glory of Nearby Helix Nebula

The composite picture is a seamless blend of ultra-sharp NASA +Hubble Space Telescope (HST) images combined with the wide view of the Mosaic Camera on the National Science Foundation's 0.9-meter telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory, part of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, near Tucson, Ariz. Astronomers at the Space Telescope Science Institute assembled these images into a mosaic. The mosaic was then blended with a wider photograph taken by the Mosaic Camera. The image shows a fine web of filamentary "bicycle-spoke" features embedded in the colorful red and blue gas ring, which is one of the nearest planetary nebulae to Earth.

Because the nebula is nearby, it appears as nearly one-half the diameter of the full Moon. This required HST astronomers to take several exposures with the Advanced Camera for Surveys to capture most of the Helix. HST views were then blended with a wider photo taken by the Mosaic Camera. The portrait offers a dizzying look down what is actually a trillion-mile-long tunnel of glowing gases. The fluorescing tube is pointed nearly directly at Earth, so it looks more like a bubble than a cylinder. A forest of thousands of comet-like filaments, embedded along the inner rim of the nebula, points back toward the central star, which is a small, super-hot white dwarf.

The tentacles formed when a hot "stellar wind" of gas plowed into colder shells of dust and gas ejected previously by the doomed star. Ground-based telescopes have seen these comet-like filaments for decades, but never before in such detail. The filaments may actually lie in a disk encircling the hot star, like a collar. The radiant tie-die colors correspond to glowing oxygen (blue) and hydrogen and nitrogen (red).

Valuable Hubble observing time became available during the November 2002 Leonid meteor storm. To protect the spacecraft, including HST's precise mirror, controllers turned the aft end into the direction of the meteor stream for about half a day. Fortunately, the Helix Nebula was almost exactly in the opposite direction of the meteor stream, so Hubble used nine orbits to photograph the nebula while it waited out the storm. To capture the sprawling nebula, Hubble had to take nine separate snapshots.

Planetary nebulae like the Helix are sculpted late in a Sun-like star's life by a torrential gush of gases escaping from the dying star. They have nothing to do with planet formation, but got their name because they look like planetary disks when viewed through a small telescope. With higher magnification, the classic "donut-hole" in the middle of a planetary nebula can be resolved. Based on the nebula's distance of 650 light-years, its angular size corresponds to a huge ring with a diameter of nearly 3 light-years. That's approximately three-quarters of the distance between our Sun and the nearest star.

The Helix Nebula is a popular target of amateur astronomers and can be seen with binoculars as a ghostly, greenish cloud in the constellation Aquarius. Larger amateur telescopes can resolve the ring-shaped nebula, but only the largest ground-based telescopes can resolve the radial streaks. After careful analysis, astronomers concluded the nebula really isn't a bubble, but is a cylinder that happens to be pointed toward Earth.

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it looks like an eye
an awesome look of space............

looks like a fireball................
To me- looks like an eye..
Its actually a star that exploded. Whats left over is called a Nebula. And the image you are looking at is known as the "God's Eye Nebula"
look like a fire ball
The eye of God watching us.
It looks like an ocean surrounded by fire means ocean is contaiguos to fire..??
How it can be cool Freddy devore??:-)
Looks like the eye in the sky>looking at you>>>
So beautiful!!! Amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!!
Here is looking at YOU=The eye in the sky
It looks like an eye - fascinating
it look s like an eye its awesome
Ruva M.
looks like an eye
It looks like a giant fish eyeglazed in death frozen solid -all lined up in a row waiting for a buyer
it look like a eyeball
eek! someone....or watching us!
It looks like a very big eye :p
tee dee
I hope gods watching over me,,, 
Beautiful Luk like big blue eye 
old slang used in late 60"S early 70
's very cool meaning AMAZING FAR OUT ETC......
beautiful.. looks like the man upstairs is watching us. :)
Eye of GOD Watching Obama and his sodomities destory children, animals and our morals
The Universe is looking at us!
 and it's got pink eye!
 ( Or possibly it's hung over-
 hard to tell.)
looks like eyes..!!!gorgeous..!!!
all things are strange these days........... ....
looks like the "eye of Sauron" is looking at us
all things are strange these days........... ....and some facts.............

but world moves ahead
I heard someone say that looks like "The Eye of God."
It's amazing. It looks just like a human eye. True, universe has loads of strange things within it.
Beautiful ,looks like the big blue eye of god.
my dad works for NASA! my teacher used to work for NASA!
Nice. We all should take a good look to what sorround us from time to time.
WOW this is amazing!! It looks just like a eye!!  God does alot of amazing things ^_^
well exactly can't say anything about that, though it looks tooooooooooo INFUCKINGCRADBLE........:)
tee dee
I guess I'll sing this star is on " fireee
im shopped
The eye of Creation watching us, saying "Best take care of Earth"
We r earthlings in a bottle being watched, we will find out some day & get some of the answers. Our heavenly Father.
that's a little creepy
wow amazing.. that looks like an eye!
Noor Al
ما شاء الله

wow amazing
Tua belum datang lama tak kerja jalan 
It look's like a eye! :D
Amazingly beautiful. It looks like an eye.
It does, doesn't it?
Its kind of like a black hole or somethin... I think... Or a worm hole!! They are: Something in space that sucks anything near it and takes them to another demension. (At least I think...)
It seems as an eye looking back...
Your page is awesome, this is the stuff I love. now following you.
The infamous "eye of god" is still the best pic ever!!!
this is scary that it's staring right at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks! It means a lot to have someone following me!
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i already seen this T ___________________________________ T your a copy cat from my friends mosly everyone knows that cause of my friends ...
 y our so mean wawawaaaaaaaawa ill never comment on this kidding
Hope H.
It looks like a giant eye. If you look at it close enough there's an eyebrow XD.
It looks like the Earth is a giant eye :)
heyyyy u stole that from my friend oh well i already commented on it T ______________ T
AWESOME but gross in a way
3 people posted this i saw it more than 3 times T _____________________T
it looks like an eyeball... catching on fire
That is a astroid headed for the world and that will be the end.
"catching on fire" "be the end".... prophetic.
It looks kind of like an eye
it actually does look like an eye...
that is awesome! it really does look like an eye!
It is NOT scary... I think its cool... Im a science freak ok??
What?? Am I weird to you or something??
Awesome. It is look like God's eyes . Amen . Bye .
Hmm...somebody is watching us
Its a nebula- specifically its the 'God's Eye Nebula' we're seein here.
sometimes i cant believe that such a messed up world could be under something so beautiful 
looks like blue eyes from the sky,lovely>>>>>.
I never seen anything close to this...really unique
This is also called the "God's eye nebula".  Marvelous.

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it looks like an eye!!!!!!!
Oh really but no offense do u look...y u sayin I look weird!!

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Subject: Re: Iridescent Glory of Nearby Helix Nebula...
nature throws so many surprises that keeps you wondering whither the Man.
its look like a blue eye
Beside looking like an eye, it resembles a blue sapphire set in copper.
i wonder what it looks like looking out from the center.
My hubby has this as a screensaver on his computer, it really is cool enlarged on a screen.....JustMeCec
Is the other eye closed?
Thank you for sharing this photo, maybe beautiful isn't the correct description for this picture but that is how I see it. I look at the night sky and I am lucky if I see a few stars, so having access to photos like these and finding out how it was caught on camera is fantastic.
Lot of information above and lot of junks below.
i'v seen this like a hundereds of time
X ___________X
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Elen Ru
therefore, the egg was the first but not the chicken))
É o olhar de Deus, sobre nós! Quão grande é tu ...
I think it used to be a large solid object, but them someone shot it with a portal gun.
Elen Ru
This  is initial creation of the form, and it is beautiful!
niraj patil- it looks like a hollow volcano which spread its shining around itself like girls hairstyle.
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O Lord,
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Taking my time to view now a number of fascinating and beautifully interesting exposures.  This reminds too of a Leftfield  CD cover, an opening, of the front of the great white from Nic's u/w diving picture post. 
' -_____ -  i saw this like a thousands of times ! T __________ T
yeah i'v seen this more than 5
i heard that cities on the west surrender to North Korea
o___ T T_____________________T
This feel like something good for all, but a little scary personally.  Not that it makes a difference, me wondering about little conflicts of interest. Always been a fraidy cat, unlike Mouse who features with me in olden profile pic
T ________ T
i'v seen this like a thousands of times like litterally
i know! my dad works for NASA still!!
really! i'v seen this like a thousands of times
I seen this like 10000000000000000000000000 times :(
no you posted this in public
and also i seen this like so much this is so last month -_-
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