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Earth Hour is the world's largest voluntary action for the environment. Earth Hour 2013: 8.30pm, Saturday 23 March
Stay up to date with the latest I Will If You Will challenges and Earth Hour videos from across the globe. Dare the World to Save the Planet. 
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Earth Hour

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#‎madeinEarthHour‬ [9 of 60] More than 1,500 youth sign up for the The Generation Green Campaign (TGG) during Earth Hour 2014. Since then, the WWF-Nepal campaign has grown rapidly with 10,000 new members from all over the country.

Miss Nepal 2013, Ms. Ishani Shrestha and WWF Nepal’s Young Conservation Ambassador, Ms. Malvika Subba were also present at the event to show their support!

The college students observed Earth Hour at Kathmandu's Swayambhunath Temple with TGG campaign the focus of the event. TGG is a five-year campaign of WWF Nepal targeting 500,000 Nepalese youth and will open up opportunities for members to engage in learning in order to build sustainable lifestyles.

Register for Earth Hour 2015 at | Images © WWF-Nepal
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Very good hart your conrty
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#madeinEarthHour [7 of 60] In a huge win for conservation in Paraguay, the government extended its Zero Deforestation Law until 2018. This is aimed at stopping further clearance of the critically threatened Atlantic Forest. 

For Earth Hour 2014, members of WWF-Paraguay delivered another 20,000 signatures from citizens to authorities to require that the zero deforestation law be enforced. A bike powered concert event in the capitol Asunción also took place on March 29 this year in celebration of this outcome.

The Forest Conversion Moratorium project (FCM) and a step towards the Zero Net Deforestation in Paraguay came after WWF-Paraguay used the 2013 Earth Hour platform to mobilise support for the third extension. 

Register for Earth Hour 2015 and use your power to protect the planet. Visit 
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#madeinEarthHour [5 of 60] | Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 pay a surprise visit to students at Commonwealth Secondary School in Singapore one day before Earth Hour 2014.

The local Earth Hour campaign by WWF-Singapore had the stars plant trees at the WWF-Singapore recognised Eco School, and also took to social media to tell the children that they are the real Super Heroes for the Planet. How cool is that? Image © WWF Singapore 

Don't miss the inspiring Earth Hour Spider-Man 2014 highlights reel at! — with Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx.
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keep up the good work.....
i love to care our nature...
planting trees is the way,,,,on how we love our nature....
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Earth Hour

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#madeinearthhour [3 of 60] | Students celebrate on the day of Earth Hour 2014 with their school's newly installed solar lights in Nakiu village, Tanzania.

This year for Earth Hour, WWF in Tanzania switched on renewable energy through the installation of solar panels and solar powered lights at a secondary school and a village dispensary in Nakiu village, Tanzania. Nakiu Secondary School Students also planted tree seedlings on their school compound at the Earth Hour 2014 event. 
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#madeinEarthHour [1 of 60] | Back in 2012, WWF-Russia collected 120,000 signatures to protect the seas from oil pollution and the CEO of WWF-Russia, as promised, dived into the Barents Sea once the petition reached its goal! Watch the amazing video here.

In December 2012, the Russian Parliament passed a long-awaited law to protect the country’s seas from oil pollution after the successful signature petition.

WWF-Russia was working with the Russian authorities on a law since the catastrophic oil spill in the Kerchensky Strait of Southern Russia in 2007. In 2011 the State Duma approved a first hearing of a draft law that did not adequately protect the marine environment against oil spills. WWF-Russia then used the Earth Hour I Will If You Will challenge platform to motivate citizens to call for a more complete version of the law. #wwfRussia For more stories like these, join us at
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ธัญรดา วินิจสร
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Join +WWF-Australia and millions around the world today by posting and tweeting using #FightForTheReef. Right now in Doha, the +UNESCO  World Heritage Committee is meeting to vote on the future of the #GreatBarrierReef. Let's create a Social Media Storm that's so loud the Committee can't ignore us. See more at
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You turned the lights out for the Reef, now it's time to VOTE for the Reef. #GreatBarrierReef   #FightForTheReef  
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Have them in circles
397,086 people
#madeinEarthHour [8 of 60] | 40 Earth Hour community ambassadors from all over Australia meet for Camp Earth Hour, a climate change workshop held this May on the Great Barrier Reef’s Heron Island.

Climate scientists, community organisers and locals living on the Great Barrier Reef shared stories - preparing them to inspire climate action year round.

The workshop builds on the “Lights Out for the Reef” campaign, which focuses on the Great Barrier Reef. Well done to Earth Hour Australia on the initiative!

Register for Earth Hour 2015 at | Image © Sprout Daily
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#madeinEarthHour [6 of 60] | 'Bancas (or boats) for the Philippines' provides fishermen affected by Typhoon Haiyan climate-smart fiberglass boat technology. This new initiative by WWF-Philippines was launched on the Earth Hour Blue platform!

The program aims to provide climate-smart fibreglass boat technology to fishermen who lost their boats during Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms on record. More than US$7,382 was raised for Bancas for the Philippines on Earth Hour Blue, enough to help provide climate-smart fiberglass boat technology to 18 fishermen affected by Typhoon Haiyan. 

And in the last two-months more than 270 fibreglass boats have since been built after WWF-Philippines training of fishermen in Leyte and Northern Palawan! For more stories, join us at

Image © Gregg Yan WWF  
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#madeinEarthHour [4 of 60] | Since 2012, WWF-Madagascar has used Earth Hour to promote and provide something known as 'Fatana Mitsitsys' to families in the city of Toliara, a city in southwestern Madagascar. Wondering what a Fatana Mitsitsy is?

These are highly efficient cooking stoves that reduce a family’s dependence on wood by half. This year 2,000 fuel-efficient stoves were distributed in Toliara to celebrate Earth Hour 2014, and last year 3,200 stoves were distributed for Earth Hour to victims of tropical cyclone Taruna.

WWF-Madagascar ran the Saving Forests and Families crowdfunding campaign on Earth Hour Blue this year and the project raised US $4,419, delivering 519 highly efficient cook stoves to families in Madagascar.
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#madeinEarthHour [2 of 60] | The action continues, with Vancouver making this list for being named the first global Earth Hour capital in 2013. This city aims to be the global leader on climate-smart urban development. #sustainable #city

Did you know that Vancouver won both the People’s Choice and the jury vote in WWF’s Earth Hour City Challenge?

The city’s overall holistic and strategic approach to climate action – specifically its impressive transportation strategy, solid actions on the impact of food and progressive neighbourhood energy plan – were seen as evidence of how Vancouver aims to play an active role in the global transition towards a 100% renewable future within the next few decades. 

Example targets for Vancouver include that by 2020 all new buildings are to be carbon neutral in their operations; citizens are to make over 50% of trips by foot, bicycle or public transport; and the number of green jobs is to have doubled. 

For more stories, join us at | Image © WWF
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Introducing #madeinEarthHour | Are you ready for the top 60 outcomes WWF's Earth Hour has achieved around the world? We're calling this #madeinearthhour, so follow all the action over the next 60 days. Did you know there is an Earth Hour Forest? Or that through Earth Hour, WWF has pushed for stronger legislation around the world? Or even about two well known global cities named Earth Hour capitals for their amazing steps towards a 100% renewable future? Get set to find out! #wwf #ewswwfUAE

Image © EWS-WWF
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so so good
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