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Earl Grey
Visionary, Prophet, Messiah and All Round Super Person
Visionary, Prophet, Messiah and All Round Super Person

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does anyone still use this? i kinda forgot it existed

i still no understand this google plus shit/
+AJ Kohn posting incessantly screaming for attention like a 14 year old girl, +Jill Whalen posting pictures of her socks and various other things. can someone explain it to me please?

whats this huge ghay photo thing over my internets?

its been so long since i been here it took me ten minites to figure out how to post something.

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Awesome just dosent seem like a good enough word to describe this chrome plugin

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Just working on a new site and porting my old template across to give away hopefully.

I really do zone out with this google plus stuff.
How exactly do you all sit here sharing .gifs and links to garbage?
I still dont get it and my eyes just glaze over.

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Interesting reading

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Check out the way the Google Plus button loads on this site. Very nicely implemented to force a user to +1 the page without clicking,

Did anyone watch the state of the union?
The audience went very quiet when he talked about putting measures in place to control the internet.
Made me piddle a little.
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