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Seattle and Everett Pest and Rodent Control Solutions

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Washington State Public Service Announcement!
by Eagle Pest Eliminators Seattle, WA.

For those residing and/or visiting Washington State on and/or after July 23, 2017... (This Sunday)

Washington state’s new Distracted-Driving Law goes into effect. Here’s what you need to know to avoid a ticket...

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Best Pest Control for Washington homes and business in and around Seattle's Puget Sound.

Pest Control is VERY IMPORTANT.... Do you agree?

If YES then our integrated pest control IPC and integrated pest management IPM methods are safer for your garden, your family, wildlife and the environment.Over the past few years, we have developed a 100% effective step by step pest elimination method.

See what our customers says: Read here

If you have a problem with pests in Seattle, call Eagle Pest Eliminators today! (206) 365-4480

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Don't let Pests Spoil Your Celebration

Your Eagle Pest Eliminators pest control specialists have provided local pest control since 2008, but we remember a great celebration of our founding fathers and their determination to make the U.S.A. a free and independent country.

But before you go enjoy those fireworks…here are some tips to stay bug free this 4th of July:

Call Us: (206) 365-4480
For Free Inspections

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Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Don't ever let the bedbugs bite, even they are not considered to be dangerous bedbugs bite may have an allergic reaction. Do you know bedbugs are found not only in beds but can be hidden in all kinds of furniture and other appliances. Bed bugs are pervasive, and even the highest precautions can’t guarantee your home will stay bug-free, but these prevention tips may help you catch an infestation early:

=> Examine bedrooms after vacations or guest visits.
=> Likewise, when you go on vacation, check your beds for possible infestations.
=> Frequently wash bedding, and try to use the hottest permissible setting.
=> Consider buying mattress encasements (not mattress covers).

Spread the word to stop the bugs!

When traveling this summer, here are the tell-tale signs that your hotel room has bed bugs...

If you’re seeking for professional assistance with bed bugs in your home then contact our experts at Eagle East Eliminators in Seattle, WA. Call us today. (425) 398-7365

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Health Benefits of Honey

Do you know honey is a liquid made by bees using nectar from flowers with anti-bacterial qualities.

It can prevent cancer, heart disease and reduces ulcers. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities and helps enhance performance. Most people say that manuka honey that comes from New Zealand is good for health because manuka can cure almost all kinds of diseases both internal medicine and external disease.

Types of Honey

Comb honey: It is taken directly from the hive beeswax comb just like they are stored and created by bees.

Liquid honey: Natural honey from the hive which is in liquid state until filtered and pasteurized.

Creamed honey: Creamed honey is a type of honey that's been processed with crystallization.

Keep in mind, there are not just these types of honey in market. We can find a various types honey with different type of health benefits.

Can you really prevent bees from nesting in an area? here is the answer: How to Handle Bees

Eagle Pest Eliminators Inc.
Phone: (206) 365-4480

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Got pests?

Make pest control a breeze in your home and garden. Get the best in life, get pests out of your life!

Get rid of unwanted guests this summer. We control pests such as Bed Bugs, Spiders, Moles, Bees, Hornets, Fleas, Bat etc. Don't let diseases brought by these pests take over on the most wonderful time of the year for your family.

Important information concerning pests and pest control:

If you or someone you know is in need of a professional pest control company, consider Eagle Pest Eliminators. We offer free inspection to your home or business or if you have a question, feel free to contact us. We are ready to serve your home and business needs.

Eagle Pest Eliminators Inc.
Phone: (206) 365-4480

You can even schedule your pest inspection online!

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Eagle Pest Eliminators shares their detailed look at some of Seattle's most commonly found pests and rodents and offers Green Pest Control solutions to rid pests from your Seattle home or business establishment.

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Some of Seattle's Most Common Pests and Rodents
Seattle-Everett Eagle Pest Control provides the following summary of some of the most common of pests and rodents found in Seattle area homes and businesses.

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Some of Seattle's Most Common Pests and Rodents
Seattle-Everett Eagle Pest Control provides the following summary of some of the most common of pests and rodents found in Seattle area homes and businesses.

Pests and Rodents Most Common to Seattle

Its wet climate and lush vegetation makes Seattle WA a magnet for pests of all kinds. Fortunately, our experts at Eagle Pest Eliminators, the premier Seattle exterminator, conduct pest and rodent control in ways that are efficient, environmentally friendly and safe for the members of the household, including pets. Some pests are nuisances, while others are real threats to health or even the integrity of the home. Here are the top five pests we deal with:


Mice are at the top of Eagle Pest's list of pests commonly found in the Seattle area and our one of our main targets when it comes to rodent control. Mice are drawn to both the warm and dryness of a home or building and the food and water found therein. They eat grains and seeds and contaminate the Seattle home by leaving their droppings and urine everywhere. Mice eat constantly, are excellent climbers and can jump several times their own length. They can squeeze into cracks and holes that seem impossible and are sometimes the vectors of serious diseases such as the Hantavirus. Predators reduce a mouse’s lifespan to a few months, but if they find a safe and cozy spot in a Seattle house they can live for two years. Mice are notoriously fecund. A female mouse can start reproducing when she's only two months old and can drop a litter of as many as a dozen pinkies every month or so.


Rats are another target of our Seattle area rodent removal techniques. They seek the same warm and dry environment and ready source of food and water as mice and cause the same type of damage, but more so. Rats are intelligent and aggressive. They gnaw through electrical cables and cause them to short, and they've been known to chew through plywood and concrete.

Sometimes, our Seattle clients can hear mice or rats as they chew, scratch or squeak behind walls or in the attic. Their droppings, which are tiny, dark pellets, should not be touched with bare hands, particularly if they are dry. If they crumble, they can release pathogens. Rodent removal is a necessity if there's an infestation of mice or rats.


Black Widow

Most of the spiders of Seattle WA are docile, but we do understand why some homeowners can’t tolerate them. This is especially true of spiders with dangerous venom such as the hobo and black widow. The black widow is a shiny black spider with a red hourglass on her belly who spins her web in shadowy corners. If she bites and envenomates a person, they may suffer terrible muscle pain and spasms, sweating and a racing heartbeat that can last for as long as a week, though most people recover.

The Hobo Spider

The hobo spider belongs to the family of funnel web spiders, named because they make a web that looks like a funnel. The hobo spider is brown, with V-shapes on its abdomen. Like the black widow, it’s not aggressive, but a female guarding her egg sac might become so. If a hobo spider bites, the area might suffer a mild necrosis.

Carpenter and Other Ants

As their name suggests, carpenter ants like to live in wood, including the wood that’s gone into the construction of a Seattle home. They are drawn to wood that is rotted and damp, build their nests there and cause terrible structural damage if not subject to pest control. A Seattle homeowner may first become aware of a carpenter ant infestation when they see something like sawdust around an area.

Other ants may not be as destructive, but they come into the home in search of food and water, and some species bite and sting. Our professionals at Eagle Pest Eliminators apply our pest control methods to these ants as well.


Roaches are also in the top five when it comes to pest and rodent control. They are attracted to the warm and sources of food and water in a Seattle WA home. Roaches enter the home through crevices and cracks in the walls, through floor registers and sewer pipes. It's not unusual to bring a roach into the home via grocery bags or suitcases.

Eagle Pest Eliminators is a leading Seattle provider of Green Pest Control Solutions and we hope that you found this article useful.

Roaches eat garbage, have a bad odor and leave droppings that resemble ground black pepper. Like rats and mice, roaches can spread diseases and are fertile. It is true that if a Seattle home or business owner sees a roach, there are probably many more that they don't see. This is especially true if the roach is seen during the day, for it's an indication that the animal has been forced out of its hiding area because of overcrowding.

Residents of Seattle WA who know or believe they need rodent removal or other types of pest control shouldn’t hesitate to call Eagle Pest Eliminators for both pest and rodent control. Customers in Seattle should call (206) 365-4480, while those in Everett should call (425) 398-7365 for the Seattle area's premier exterminator.

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