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EZ Lockout and Roadside Assistance

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Flat tire keeping you down? Well, we can help with that. Our San Antonio mobile tore service does it all with just one call. We have a warehouse of tires (new and used) and we can deliver and install onsite.

We can handle anything from a Honda Civic to a double tandem 18 Wheeler. If you have tire problems we can keep you rolling. We do repairs, sales, and in stallion of all tires.

Why wait any longer? Call us at (210) 598-7355.

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Need a New Battery for your car or truck? Call us for a completely free estimate to have a battery technician from EZ Lockout deliver a battery to you and install it.

We often can provide this service for about the same price you would pay driving to an auto parts store. Except we come to you on your schedule.

Call EZ Lockout today at (210) 598-7300.

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We helped a gentleman who was stranded on the side of the highway. His car battery died because he left his flashers on while walking to get more gas. This customer was having a bad day, and we were glad we could help with jump starting his car.

Need a jump start for your dead battery in San Antonio please call us. We will be glad to help. (210) 598-7300.

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Searching for Roadside Assistance in San Antonio?

If you need roadside help with a flat tire, jump starting a dead car battery, unlocking a car door, towing, or need more gas brought to you we can help.

We offer 24 Emergency roadside service in San Antonio. Just call 2105987300 and a friendly operator will dispatch a service provider straight to your location. Why wait? Call 2105987300.

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Your Car Will Not Start - Why This Weather Is To Blame

It never fails to receive several calls a day that their cars will not start when it rains.  We tell them that the weather and the battery are to blame (not necessarily in that order).  Is this happening?

A grinding or fast clicking noise,
Your car is trying to start but doesn't,
The headlights are dim or don't come on,
Your battery is more than (3) years old?

Here's why we get so many calls in the winter...

A car battery is suppose to last anywhere between three to five years.  In that time, we drive our cars daily, plug electronic devices in, our car's computer is draining the battery, and it dwindles the life span of the battery.  With that said, if the battery is not in such great condition already, when winter hits the voltage it holds can be cut down up to 60%.  On the other hand, the summer heat does more damage than the cold winter temperatures.  

So what can you do to get to work today?  A simple jump start will remedy the situation.  Once you get it jump started, you are going to need to replace the battery - because the likely hood it will start again is very slim.  You'll need another jump start.

Here are some tips on how to keep your battery in good shape:
1. Keep your connections clear of corrosion (the ugly green stuff).
2. Unplug devices when not in use.
3. Have you battery "load checked" at a auto parts store free twice a year.
4. Replace it before it needs replacement or be stranded.

If you need a battery replacement, or just a jump start we can help.  Just call (210) 598-7300 or visit

Tips for Driving Safer in The Rain in San Antonio

When it rains, things get crazy while driving in San Antonio, Texas.  Needless to say that more accidents occur, and people injured.  What can you do to prevent an accident from occurring?  Follow our easy steps:
1. Slow Down.  Speed Kills.
2. Drive in the center (middle) lanes.  Water stays on the outside lanes.
3. Try to drive in the tracks in the car in front of you.  
4. Stay plenty of distance from other cars in front of you.
5. If you need to slow down, just let off the gas.  Try to minimize brake usage.
6. Turn your headlights on.  This helps others see you.
7. If you can't see ahead of you - pull over.  
8. Don't splash pedestrians - just not funny.
9. Stay at home. 

If you need to drive somewhere in San Antonio, just try to slow it down.  This will prevent most accidents.  Some other things to consider is the condition of your brakes and tires.  If you need your tires checked take them to a local tire retailer.  They will check them totally free.  Brakes can be taken to a mechanic.  A brake check is usually free also.

Drive safe San Antonio!

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Calling For Flat Tire Assistance in San Antonio, Texas.

Sooner or later it will happen to the 13 million drivers in Texas. A flat tire is inevitable at some point or another, but there is help for that flapping piece of rubber. We offer 24 Hour Roadside Assistance in San Antonio to motorists who need help with flat tires. Our team can perform a simple tire change by installing your spare tire, repair your current tire, or even deliver and install on onsite.

So, when that moment strikes when you need help with a flat tire, please give us a phone call at (210) 598-7300.

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San Antonio Flat Tire Service.

Have a flat tire in San Antonio? Call our San Antonio Mobile tire service to help with you tire flat in no time. Why wait?? Call now (210) 598-7300

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Have a flat tire in San Antonio? We help with mobile flat tire assistance any time day or night. Let us do the hark work of changing a tire while you sit in your car.

Call Now (210) 598-7300

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San Antonio Roadside Assistance you can depend on. We hired a new roadside assistance technician to help out in San Antonio. Meet Luis who has been doing an awesome job helping with flat tires, unlocking cars, jump starting car batteries, and delivering gas.

Call us for fast roadside assistance in San Antonio (210) 598-7300.
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