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Happy Holidays to everyone who reads this, and we hope you are having a great weekend/month in general.

We know times can get stressful during these times, but just try to enjoy the little things while you are able to.

Of course, we are here in FL, so "cold" here is 60 degrees (haha), but for the majority of you guys here with us, it's more than likely snowing where you are.

Stay warm, and throw a snowball or two to forget about the stress of the day in and day out of everything.

Be on the lookout for a 20-30% discount code coming in the near future as well, to celebrate the holidays and the new year.

Thanks to everyone that follows us on these social platforms, and we hope we can be here for a long to come to be of service to you all.

If you need anything, email or, and we will get back to you asap.
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Hey everyone!

The Black Friday discount code is now live, and you are more than welcome to start getting your orders in!

The discount code is:


And you will receive 25% off of your entire order from now until 11:59 PM Eastern time on Monday.

Let us know if you have any questions by either replying to this post, or by sending an email to

Thanks and we look forward to taking care of everyone!!

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How To: Choosing A Reliable Kratom Vendor
Price, Quality and Customer Service are just the beginning.

1. Check out their Appearance

Most legitimate vendors will invest the little bit of money to have a stable shop running, with a stable checkout that can handle Credit Card processing. Though Credit Card processing is hard to set up for Kratom vendors, it can most certainly be done if you are diligent enough.

That being said, if your vendor does not have the ability to process Credit Cards, shoot them an email and see what they give you as a second option. Maybe they are in the middle of getting their processing set up (we were definitely in that position at one point), but as long as they give you a viable option to make your purchase, than maybe it will not be so bad after all.

If their website is not Mobile Friendly or hardly even Desktop Friendly, I would not recommend shopping through the website either. Yes, they may have a good product, but chances are they are not going to be consistent, nor is the product going to be consistent. They are not investing into their shops, and it mostly just to help them keep buying more for themselves, while providing to other people. At times, they charge more than we do simply because we are investing into our shop and trying to bring the cheapest but highest alkaloid concentrated Kratom that we can to the Public, without adding any extra Alkaloid fillers.

2. Test their Customer Service

If they have a phone number on the website, give them a call, or if you would rather email, send an email to the vendor. Check to see how long it takes to respond, and maybe have a few questions ready to ask. If you are not sure what to ask, here are some questions we get asked frequently, and some questions we would recommend you asking any new Vendor you decide to choose:

- How long does it take you to ship a product once the payment clears?
- Do you have a refund policy or satisfaction guarantee?
- Is shipping free and how long does shipping take?
- Do you offer a sample pack that I can pay for?
- Do you know what region of Indonesia the powder comes from?

Do not ever feel like you are asking too many questions; if a Vendor gets irritated with a customer, they do not want their business enough to provide the help they should be providing. This is why we are in business - to help other people find a product they are looking for by asking questions and getting the one that fits them.

Also, a vendor that is getting their powder imported from Southeast Asia will know what region their farmer is getting their Kratom from. EZ Kratom works with family owned and operated farmers, so we know exactly where it is coming from, even if they have to get it from their neighbor to help support the demand.

If everything checks out with the Vendor; they responded quickly, they gave you the answers to all of the questions you had, and maybe even fixed something on their website that you pointed out to them, than it's time to get a sample order in. Whether this be a negotiated order you make through the email because they have a minimum that is a little too high, or you just want to see what they Vendor is about before you go and purchase a bulk amount, you should always try to get some type of sample order before ordering your full amounts (unless the Vendor is referred to by someone that physically showed you the powder they received from the Vendor).

3. The Sample Order

This is where you can test how fast a Vendor really gets your product out, how fast the shipping takes and last but not least; how good their product really is.

If they tell you something, they should stick to it. If they do not, you should be wary of the fact that they could slip up in the future. If they have a reasonable excuse as to why something happened; give them the benefit of the doubt for the first time, but make sure you watch out for it to continue in the future. You are looking for a reliable Vendor that has stock ready to go and can take of your needs on the day you need them taken care of.

One big deal for customers is shipping. Every day that is waited to get a product out is another entire day that is spent waiting on something that they have already paid for. Here at EZ Kratom, we strive to get every single package out the same day, even if it's a little after the cut off time. If it's before the Post Office closes and we are not backed up; we will get your package out. We hate waiting and we know our customers do as well.

When you get the product, check to see how it is packaged and what it came in. There are various ways it can come packaged, but as long as it is not spilling everywhere when you receive it, all Air/Moisture was kept out of the bag and it was labeled, than everything should be good to go.

The biggest deal is whether the powder is on par with what you are used to buying, or if it not exactly what you are used to. If you just bought a sample, than you can try to get a refund, or you can take the loss since it was just a sample and you saved yourself from purchasing a full order. However, if it is what you were looking for or even better, than maybe you just found yourself a new Vendor! Congratulations!

4. Place Your First Official Order

Now it's time to place your first official order with the Vendor. At least you took your precautions before making an official order with your Vendor, as you will know they are good for the money and they are good for the product. Every Vendor has the potential to have a different farmer and have it grown in a different region. The older the trees, the better the leaves. It is always good to test out other Kratom Vendors, and we recommend trying out EZ Kratom as one of your trusted sources for top-quality Kratom products.

Wholesale Kratom Powder, Resin Extract and Enhanced Powders at - See you there!

#kratom #mitraygna #speciosa #organic #southeastasia #indonesia #ezkratom #wholesale

Drop a comment below explaining how you check to see if a Vendor is fit to be your next Vendor before you make your real, official purchase from them - We'd love to see what our viewers have to say!

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Here are the four main strains we have for Bulk Wholesale at the moment:

Red Borneo
Red Maeng-Da
Green Borneo
Green Maeng-Da

Starting at $120/kg

If you are looking or a more specific strain, chances are we have it in stock, but just in a smaller quantity. Get in touch with us to see exactly what we have.

*Our Bulk Wholesale Kratom starts at a minimum order of 10kg. If you are trying to purchase less than that, the prices may not reflect what is advertised.
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If you happen to stumble upon our Google page, here is some information about us:

We distribute bulk wholesale kratom right here in the United States. We source it directly from farmers in Indonesia, and take pride in the farmers that we select.

We can guarantee our Kratom is the exact same stuff you would buy from any Pre-Packaged vendor; however, we sell ours unlabeled and unbranded, ready for you to turn it into whatever you would like.

Our prices are very competitive, but our minimum order is 10KG:

Starting at $120/kg for a minimum order of 10KG

There are 35 Ounces in a Kilogram. Most of our clients are smoke shops, and they break down the Kilograms into Ounces that fit into the 2.5x2.5 size Apple bags that most smoke shops carry. These ounces are sold from 14.95 to 24.95, but typically $14.95 works the best, as people are trying to get the best bang for their buck, and they will tell others about you.

We also have Resin Extracts available, as well as Super Enhanced powders. 

Resin Extracts start at $1,500 per Kilogram. The only minimum order requirement is that you must buy 1 Kilogram at a time. There is not a maximum.

If you are looking to buy Bulk Wholesale Kratom, you have come to the right place! Please get in contact with us as we look forward to speaking with you.
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We are the owners here at EZ Kratom, and we wanted to give you the opportunity to learn a little bit about us, and how we can help you make much more money than you would selling the average kratom product.

The difference between us and any other type of "packaged" kratom vendor is simple; we sell you the products unbranded - without a label - so you can re package it yourself, and sell it how you want.

Here's a quick example:

10 Kilograms = $1,200 ($120/kg)
10 Kilograms = 350 Ounces
10 kilograms (350 Ounces) * $14.95(per ounce in a retail setting) = $5232.50
We also have extract available.

Our extract is a 25:1 ratio. Any wholesaler/vendor claiming they have a higher ratio is just trying to up sell their product. After 25 kilos, the alkaloid content begins to degrade.

A typical vendor sells resin extract for an average of $7 per gram.

We start our kilograms at $1,500 for just 1. No maximum order. This means you have 25:1 resin extract with an alkaloid content higher than 10% (according to our farmers. ChromaDex tests coming soon) for $1,500/kg and LOWER depending on the amount purchased, but can bring in a total of $7,000 from just one kilogram (on average).

Here's the math:

1 kilogram =$1,500
1 kilogram = 1,000 grams
1,000 grams * $7/gram = $7,000

The profits are much broader with extracts because you are boiling down such a large amount into a smaller ratio, and since we are getting it directly from our farmers in Indonesia, we can beat any prices on the market.

In regards to prices, we are able to provide the industry lowest because we are one the largest importers for Kratom in the United States meaning we have the leverage to work with our farmers to lower prices so they can always beat the competition. Our Kratom comes straight from the farmers that grow and pick this beautiful plant, so we can guarantee our quality and prices will NEVER be beat.

We are located in the United States (Florida to be exact), and we provide FREE Ground Shipping on all wholesale orders.

If you have any questions at all, please shoot us an email back, and we will answer ASAP. We tend to constantly refresh our email, and it's pretty common to hear back from us within minutes after sending a reply.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.
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