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Edmund W. Schuster
Edm. Wm 8, LLC - Dedicated to the best in analysis and insight.
Edm. Wm 8, LLC - Dedicated to the best in analysis and insight.


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The Changing Nature of Spatial Economics
| Edm. Wm 8 | | Spatial economics (SpE) is an enormously interesting area to study.  There are many implications for business, including the concept of economic specialization and foreign trade.  Early in my career I became aware of SpE and ...

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The Project
| Edm. Wm 8 | | The title of my next book will likely be: A Memoir as Told by the Native: Avon Lake, Ohio and the Making of the Midwest

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Unique New Materials
| Edm. Wm 8 | | This is quite interesting and I envision great potential: Synthetic Circuits can Harvest Light Energy

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A Return to Biological Power
| Edm. Wm 8 | | Just prior to the Industrial Revolution, farmers an manufacturers alike relied on animal power.  When the steam engine became technically feasible in practice, folks forgot about animal power.  They never re-considered the id...

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Non Voting Shares in Tech Companies
| Edm. Wm 8 | | A recent trend exists where tech companies issue shares with non voting rights.  Most investors would not purchase equity under a non voting condition.  However, hot IPO stocks like Snap are able to demand this stipulation: "...

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Best Performer for the S&P 500
| Edm. Wm 8 | | Though imperfect, the best indicator that exists is a market.  By what appears below, there is going to be a massive change in the way computing interacts with the physical world via artificial intelligence and machine learni...

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Mobile Eye Market Share
| Edm. Wm 8 | | Intel owns this company: "Mobileye’s market share in autonomous driving systems is approaching 70 %." Hough, J., 2017.   Intel pushes into artificial intelligence to boost growth.   Barron’s, Nov. 4.

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Changes in Chip Demand
| Edm. Wm 8 | | Usually we think about PCs as the driver of computer chip demand.  This is changing!  Now automobiles are rising in importance concerning demand for chips: "For now, silicon is proliferating so quickly that many players can p...

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Laborforce Participation Rate for November 2017
| Edm. Wm 8 | | It is surprising that more attention is not focused by the business press on the sharp downturn of the laborforce participation rate mentioned below.  This ongoing problem accelerated during the Obama Administration.  There w...

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"the labor market or the stock market"
| Edm. Wm 8 | | The last sentence below is the key policy decision.  Ironically, the labor market was ignored during the Obama Administration as the workforce participation rate plunged.  This caused long-term harm to America.  Hopefully thi...
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