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In twenty seasons, Iván Rodríguez...

- Won 13 Gold Gloves & 7 Silver Slugger Awards
- Played in 14 All-Star Games
- Took home the AL MVP in 1999
- Became a World Series Champion in 2003

- and last, but not least, left baseball with a super sweet nickname.
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Nickname was Fisk's first.....and Fisk didn't do roids
don't forget countless "vitamin B-12" injections from his good friends jose canseco and rafael palmeiro
Well, Carlton Fisk left baseball with that nickname a decade earlier.
I love how some of you just discount all amphetamines/greenies the old timers took...hilarious. Oh yeah sure they were just better athletes in the 50's...YAWN The ball is round, stop making excuses.
i caught his foul ball at a nats game
ges the haters gonna hate but pudge is awesome no question
i cant believe it!!! I <3 HIM!!!! Best wishes for his new career!!!!
favorite player, kudos to his wonderful career.
I LOVE U PUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of my personal favorite, but steroids?
I'm not any sort of a baseball fan but seeing him in Texas throw to second on base stealers was one of the more amazing things I've ever seen.

I hated that a lot of the Rangers at that time were using steroids but I don't understand how people can judge them in hindsight for doing it when it was obvious that the system encouraged it and rewarded it.
How was he dirty? This guy did more for baseball than alot of people.
i agree the scandal did change his game
All said and done, a good player that was fun to watch. Thanks for the memories!
I remember when he was huge and muscular, and then he suddenly shrank.
His stats need an *.
I have a minor league baseball card of pudges , an some jerk off !!! Thinks its worth five bucks . Tulsa drillers .. Dude try again .
Best Catcher in our era. RESPECT. Thanks for all the memories Pudge.
Ya fisky wants a ranger to steal his nickname fyi being sarcastic
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