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Eli Manning: Hall of Famer?
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Mike E
agreed...He really doesn't belong there, very mediocre at best, but the dude does have 2 Rings.  That alone makes it tough to argue :/ 
2 Super Bowl wins and 2 Super Bowl MVPs make YES the correct answer
Being a humble Quarterback with skills and winning two Superbowl titles
I couldn't put him in that class.  He's not consistent enough.  His teams have gotten hot at the end of the year twice and they made a run to win the Super Bowl, but I look at hall of fame quarterbacks as those who consistently play well every Sunday and that's not Eli Manning to me.
Well, is there any set criteria for entering the HoF?  Isn't it just votes by journalists?
Most of you doubters don't really know football...we're laughing at your ignorance.

What aspect of Eli's game would you call into question? Why is he not a HOFer?
To me, for some reason, Eli just doesn't have  the "it" factor that draws me the way Adrian Peterson, Brady, Lewis, or Manning #1 does. I don't know why. Don't ask me why, I'm biased, but I just don't think he should get in. But he will, sadly enough. The dude's got two rings. Charles Haley has 5. Why isn't Haley in?
2 rings plus 2 MVP awards for both Superbowls I'll say yes and he's the all time passer for the #Giants
everybody knows he and his brother are going to be in the HOF first ballot for both of them.
All of your favorite players were inconsistent at one time or another, Brett Favre ended his career with the most interceptions of all time but no argument against him, right? I guess if you have the most attempts you can throw the most picks? And who really gives a shit about qb rating when you have won the super bowl twice and you were the MVP in both games?
Carl Sims
Eli is 31 years old and has 31k passing yards. He will easily play another 5 seasons, which should reasonably put him over 45k passing yards. That will be top 10 career, based on active player list. 2 Super Bowl wins, 2 Super Bowl MVPs and this? Please.. Anyone who thinks that Eli isn't HOF has a serious case of hate going on for him.
Unfortunately yes... 2 rings is 2 rings...
Multiple Super bowl wins and hall of fame honors are not mutually inclusive. Super bowl wins are a team effort. Single game MVPs are not as impressive as season MVPs. Hall of famers should be judged on individual merits. Currently, I would say Eli is close, but not in. Maybe in the future he'll change my mind, but he's a no for now.
Most underrated clutch quarterback in the league.
LMAO! I can just see Eli in the 50k passing yard range for his career and folks talking about it wasn't flashy enough..
The guy can get it done when it's needed the most. This guy is a prime example of someone who doesn't have the most natural athletic ability or insane skills but his passion to win during crunch time you just can't argue with. Twice he has already proven he can lead the number 1 team in the world to victory. Whether you believe they were that good or not, the best team when it matters walks away with the win, and he's the QB that's done it. 
Dan Fouts, HOF. Zero rings. But he sure was flashy..
uh two time Superbowl MVP yeah hall of famer  
The issue is that he is being compared side by side to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.  People often jump into these arguments comparing the three which makes all three seem average.  The fact is that we are lucky to be in a time when these three are all fighting for the championship every year... individually Eli's stats are astonishing and HOF worthy.  When compared with the other two freaks in the league he would get a bronze medal.
Not a first round HOF, but yes. Rings don't get you in, otherwise the entire team would be in.
I'd Vote him in the Hall. I think when it is all said and done. He will have good numbers and at least 1 more Superbowl
HOF or not. I'm still a huge Eli fan. I hope to see him win more super bowls.
Performance will get you in. And very few can match his
I don't agree with +Gabriel Au; I think that Eli has set himself up to be a HOFer. However, he makes a good point about Charles Haley - I saw Haley play and dominate. He should be in the HOF too.
Will, he has 2 rings under his belt
RE: +Will Thompson

You can't hold Eli responsible for everything. It is a team sport. There have been countless times he has bailed out the defense. He doesn't beat the teams his supposed to is your reason for keeping him out of the HOF?

How about the two game winning drives he had in both Super Bowls? One of which was to the Greatest Team ever heading into the Super Bowl.

Eli has an image problem. He's too quit for people's liking. He doesn't string up dogs or party with sorority chicks (i.e., Big Ben), and he doesn't appear on GQ, ala Brady.

I'll take the chips!
Agree with you Will, he has his slumps every once in a while.
by the end of his career eli will have more td's than montana. that alone puts him in the hall.
No. He wins when he has a good team around him. 
Jesus makes one hall of famer, because He gives you breathe to be alive.
Noone can compare ELI MANNING to Jay Cutler!
Jay Cutler better than Eli Manning
lol People wow, Cutler a hall of famer? C'mon man! That's like saying Charlie Batch is better than Ben Roethlisberger.
he is a future hall of famer he has.two superbowl rings,he is one of the best fourth quarter Qb he is at his best underpressure
he is ridiculous so of course he is making the hall of fame
I remember when people (Mississippi State fans to name a few) said he would never amount to anything. I think two superbowl rings and still at it is pretty good for an Ole Miss qb that would never be worth anything!
He is descent, possible a hall of famer
ABSOLUTELY! 2 Rings and AT least 8 more seasons while playing at a high level.
Too early for that discussion 
Nope. Too good a class is going to supersede him, Brady, Rodgers, Peyton, the HoF will forget the rings...
love that song Hall Of Fame
Isn't it a bit early to be having this debate?
Nope. Not unless the giants win another Super Bowl because of him. Eli will not an cannot go in before Peyton does.
I hate the Giants, but they have a point! 2 Superbowls and 2 MVPs = Hall of Fame!
IDK, probably will be. I wish he was consistent with his level of play
350% YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, the defense won his first championship. Way too inconsistent, a good QB, but not great, and not Hall Of Fame. 
Classic debate. I am sure he will be in the HOF, based on what he has done so far, but to compare him to Dan Marino is foolish. His team is far superior that other HOF quarterbacks and as mentioned before, even won the first superbowl. What really puts him in the HOF category are his clutch performances.
Simply by achievements. Yes. Does he have that gut hall of famer feel? No. 
interesting debate here. I would have to say yes because Eli simply does whats needed. He doesn't need a power house team to win a super bowl, and he has proved that twice now.
NOPE, cause he has a gene advantage that others dont have
A Hall of Famer doesn't have to have the best stats every year, or any of their years. It is what they do to be remembered as a player. As a Pat's fan I don't care for Eli, but he closed his eyes and threw some insane passes which got him those rings. He will be in the Hall of Fame because he lead his teams to victory. 
He isn't showy with the press, so nobody knows how good he is. Diffidently hall of fame caliber.
Why do sports announcers, especially those on ESPN, keep referring to "the NY Football Giants"? For God's sake, most people watching don't even remember or realize there once was a NY Baseball Giants.
he's not going to the hall of fame why he's a cry baby who should be at the Chargers, he's daddy was a Saint.   
Eli Manning is a sure HOFer. The QB position is about winning, not yards thrown for. I, as a fan, would rather have Eli than Marino on my team because he finds ways to win games. He was the hero of both Super Bowls. Marino put up pretty stats, big shit, he couldn't win a Super Bowl.
If he hung 'em up today...probably not.  But he has thrown two...TWO...of the more memorable passes in Super Bowl history.  Is he the most consistently great QB of all time?  No.  But he does have 2 (maybe more to come) rings, 2 SB MVP's, multiple signature moments, & will rack up the stats to be in the upper echelon of passers in NFL history.  He won't, probably, be remembered in the same breath as Tom Brady or Peyton, but it will be eventually impossible to keep him out.  
Has to be a of the most clutch qb's in nfl history...definitely the greatest gb in giants history...for those who say no let me ask this...if the giants make the playoffs would anyone be surprised if they one the Super Bowl for the 3rd time? I know I wouldn't. It's Ironic if Peyton is going to make it to the Hall (which is very well deserved) for arguably being the greatest regular season QB's in nfl history... It only makes sense that his brother should make it for being the opposite
He is good but not fantasy points wise(don't get him in fantasy).
Eli the Elite QB is on the express train final stop Hall of Fame 
Wait who's Bonds. not Barry Bonds is it?
I say no. You can argue two SuperBowl rings but that's a fraction of his overall body of work. He is right there on the fence, still with a lot of valuable years left. We will see again in 5 years. 
NAMATH......... gang green........GO GREEN
I know Eli makes some weird faces but is this seriously the best pic you could get?  Looks like he just smelled something unpleasant.  And yes, hall of famer.  
Yes when It's all said & done he'll have 4 rings & the reputation as the ultimate clutch Quarterback
YES. Eli is a Hall of Famer. I mean why wouldn't he be.Every good,great,fantastic,Hall of Famers throws picks.So what that he has thrown a few picks,so what he has lost a few games? He is a clutch player who has the ability to win the biggest game of the year against the SAME team witch BOTH years the Pats were better than them in the regular season. But,Eli knows when to throw the ball or to run the ball when it matters most.When a guy this great has the ball,most of the time,good things happen to the Giants.He is probably one of the best QB's you'll ever find.I mean he is brought from a GREAT family with Arche,Peyton,and Cooper.
In reference to sports hall of fame, i.e MLB is overrated and ruined by the hypocritical self rightous good ole boy baseball mentality baseball writers

NFL is watered down and too many get inducted and the disrespect towards all positions specifically punters and kickers is down right criminal

NBA is a joke combining professional and college makes it a shame. Seperate them what you do in college has no bearing on one's professional career

NHL well it's the NHL
Most definitely, I'm a Jets fan but I have to say he wins when it counts.
Nope 2 rings is not the only qualification to being In the hall of famer
just cause he has 2 rings means notin i mean that is not a hall of fame level
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