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Introducing: AIR FLOTUS. 
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how crunk is that...FLOTUS with a baseline jam and a 2inch vert...oh yeah!
with G.W in the background 
I'm not getting any sound. I wanna know what she said
Coolest 1st lady in my book, I could never see Barbara Bush doing this, or Hilary lol
I love George Washington's reaction the best. 
I take it that this is part of the on going photo-bomb wars between Lebron and D-wade; if so, Lebron wins.
she seems like a lot of fun, I love LeBron expression. Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful that's good
This is why I LOVE Mrs.Obama sooo much ! great representation of African American Women every where!
esto es verdad? en realidad hizo esto la primera dama?
The country has gone down to crap and the White House is clowning around. Worst president ever! 
+Keondra Lester If anything she is the worst as the Obamas have pretty much ended any chance of another African American president being elected. Seems like they can't do wrong in the eyes of the African American community. 
I did not think this was real at first. It's a part of an eat healthy campaign promo!! I'm with it !!! Get your dunk on!!
Por gue sera gue cuando fuega el madrid nunca lo pasan en Espn 
Obama is doing his best to destroy our country!! He needs to be behind bars!!!
+Mahmoud Audu no need to get into it with those guys when bush was in office they probably felt everything was great. But since obama is in office everything is his fault. Even tho house has been fighting every policy he tries to implement. 
Well I, for one, am completely SHOCKED . . . . . . . . . . "That Bron'Bron didn't launch himself backwards, sprawling on the floor from FLOTUS's jam" - - while looking incredulously at G.W, like "where's the Flagrant 2?" 
Oh come on, +Clark Drew you can troll better than that! Take notes from +Michael Sanchez who knows how to use hyperbole and racism to really stir things up! B+ for effort, D for execution (I'm setting you up here, see if you're clever enough to find it.) 
Lebron face in this is pretty funny. Is he saying "In your Face"
cool nice to have a fun loving flotus
DW facial no comments....
what a great dunk.  The taunting after is gold, glad she can still enjoy herself
Wow this is one of the funniest shit I've seen in a long time hahaha! 
What in the world?!! She came out of nowhere. 
First lady of States..
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm in you face
Mr. B
LOL this is great! I love it
placata                  nice dunk
+Jeff McDonough Not surprised by your comments. The majority of Americans fail to see the shenanigans coming from the White House. 
Most athletic 1$t lady all that sh t was funny
rays been posturized...what else is new.
Buenisimo jajajajajaja una genia ..
Can't wait to clean house, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
G. Washington in the back like "I ain't got time for that"
Nice for n follow through n trash talk
I'm still laughing @ that.
G Biz
Outta Nowhere she slam dunks it. In ya face. Confirmed by Mr. MVP LBJ
J Kitch
Neva again will we see a 1st lady shakin the rim
Dang!!!!!!!! she got the rim shakn'
An then they wonder why the #USA is no longer the #1 superpower of the world.
+Samantha Havens Woah there friend, some sounds a little angsty today. You need a hug? Ritalin maybe? You may not like her, but that isn't a reason to deny she had an awesome dunk, and it doesn't excuse you turning into the god damn Wicked Witch of the West #andyourlittledogtoo  . 
Samantha Havens needs someone knocking on her door with a statement like that.
I kill you American dogs
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