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Meet Gregory, AKA "The Catman".

Think you're a bigger fan? Apply for the Hall of Fans here:
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Ward X
Dawg Lady in the Dawg Pound trumps this guy by far. 
Mr. Goode(Catman), what's up y'all com to FedEx field this year and we and we have something for you, RGIII!!!
What grown man would dress up like that?
what this??
I think Catman definitely deserves to be in the Hall of Fans!  Representing the Carolina Panthers!  Its our fav Gregory the Catman Good!   Black n Blue for Life! Go Panthers!
this has nothing to do with being a fan... this ONLY proves that he is one weird dude

the whole concept of this Hall of Fan is a bad marketing idea
thats pretty full on mate... no way i can compete with that, WOW awesome!!!
I dare you to wear it into the blackhole. Raider nation report.
YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH budy go CAROLINA PANTHERSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Liberace called, he wants his necklaces back.
Sorry buddy there is only one nation you panthers have to get your own thing.
Its all good at least you watch raider games theres still time to come to the darkside. Lol
I think Pumpkinhead, a Browns fan, is a bigger fan.
Catman is a long time loyal fan and PSL owner of the Carolina Panthers. There are not many fans as devout as him. 
Ana N
wow lol if you wear pink you can match
I dont want to get into the flacco jokes here but there are a many.
Yes i would agree flacco is not a great quaterback but ray rice is back for 5 years and he is easily one of the top 5 running backs in the league, and our defense is annualy a hardnosed defense and i would consider our defense one of the best defenses in the league.
Oh rice is a beast for sure just ask the steelers. But that d is old as the hills.
That dude is on some ish SMH give him his meds ... (GMEN ITS ALL ABOUT THE GIANTS BIG BLUE)
Thats it i just got it he looks like a giant treasure troll.
Yeah i will admit our defense needs some rebuilding but we do have some good looking young guns on our d.
Bunch of damn haters on this thread.  Catman is a solid NFL fan, who  is a PSL owner and diehard Panthers fan.  No worse than the fools in Oakland, Cleveland, Washington, NY or anywhere else.  Every team needs a Superfan, and I am glad Catman is ours.  Go Catman!
I'm not cool with the Panthers, but I gotta respect the loyal fans lol.

Ravens fan all the way :)
Yea but lewis and my favorite saftey from the U. Ed Reed.Are past there prime. Main problem in LB though.
Im not hating Oakland is the king of cosplay in the NFL. He just looks like a Troll
Hopefully Courtney Upshaw pans out well
Well it cant be worse than the raiders corners and lb. Man some of the games they lost last year hit me in the gut!!!
This guy is awesome.  I've seen him at games and out and about in Charlotte.  He eats, sleeps, and breaths Panthers Football 24/7 365.
Que?? No es su novio, tengo mas respeto para El Hombre Gato que Lady Gaga lol
I dont know those guys with their shirt off in freezing weather are even bigger freaks you ask me.
Yea thats one set of them but i wasnt gonna through them under the bus like that. Lol
what the heck i thought i was a huge fan.
i am nethen like that though.
o meu emeil e esse
this guy is definitely a detected fan.
I love how ppl keep posting on this even tho its like 3 weeks old lol
How r ppl still finding this post?!
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