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Kobe had this downright RIDICULOUS alley-oop reverse against the Mavs last night.
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Wow didn't get to watch that game. Good thing ESPN is always around to give me highlights...
Very nice indeed. I used to be able to do that...yeah right. I was 17 years old the last time I dunked.
I wish I could do that with out falling
wow shit thats
No luck involved... Kobe is just a beast
"The harder I practice, the luckier I get"

-i forgot who said it
That was awesome! #24 aka Black Mamba does it again.
let me just say kobe da shit , hate the attitude, but can neva hate his game..still after that interview when he said that he was the second best player that ever lived n MICHAEL JORDAN was the third the man still is OUT OF HIS MIND!
# WILT, JORDAN. KOBE. not !! #WILT. KOBE. JORDAN NEVER THAT KOBE, sweet lay up tho
He is aging very well. Despite playing for so many years, he's still got the moves and touch to surpass most other players
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The Messi shot was far better. Check it out after the Kobe vid stops.
that look like it went in that first time
Jay Tee
Definitely a once in a long while kinda shot.

I'd put this shot in the Hall of Fame.
it wasn't even a good shot, and he didn't even know where the rim was it was luck that it went in!
no koby is an all time great always kno's his bearings on the court that was him demonstrating his ability once again
So sick of hearing about Kobe kobe kobe, Acting like he's the next Jordan, he's no where NEAR Jordan, look at the stat's comparison. NOTHING.
I wish there were some way to not have sports ever appear on my Google page. I hate sports.
^---- Thanks for your contribtion.
+Michael Brookfield It's not all stats. No one in the league has the mix of competitiveness and talent that Kobe has. Jordan was better, but not by that much. You just go by stats and Wilt was the best ever, but he wouldn't put up numbers even close to what he did if he was in the league now.
+Michael Brookfield Not to mention most people that compare them are sports analysts trying to get folks fired up. Kobe never compared himself to Jordan so why get mad at Kobe. Most Kobe fans I know, including myself, don't think of him as the next Jordan. I think of him as the first Kobe. In fact, I personally am tired of folks looking for a 'next ' the Lakers, and loving the league how it is today.
My boy is letting the nba know that he aint thtu....
Well spoken there will never be another live, he's the only one. Lakers for Life!!
To think he cant get it done n-e more is dumb to me...imma a laker 4life and we will see a championship soon...
Thats the way to do it! :)
what do you care kerai......!!!!shut your finger......
Kobe is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kobi great that is why am also call Kobby
another level, best of the best in the NBA
identico a algo que ya he visto genial
That was awesome I love him as a basketball player one of my favorite!
Simply the best!!! Most will not give him his props ,but when its all said and done:you got to give him his props because the numbers don't lie!!!
I don't know about that, it all depends how hot they play and if they play this kind of a game I don't know if anyone can beat them the includes that Lebron team
if the Lakers can beat the thunder there is no way anyone can beat them that includes lebron.
I don't know where you get that news, he can play defense too.
Umm Kobe is one of the better superstar defenders, dont let the ESPN highlights fool you
Nobody will ever do a pull up jumper like kobe the great i still dont understand how he sinks those shots
Favo TV
lol bro and luck i guess idk maybe he practices that john tho
Kobe is still the best closer in the game yesserrrr!!!
My boys in Dallas just arn't the same team this year :(
I'm a Bulls fan but the Black Mamba got my +1.
am so tall as in so very tall,maybe thats why i play basket ball,but here in africa is very board hustling and try to play no time p here
whoo..i like it,that why they said he's more better than MJ
Once again Kobe doing what he does,He is the man.
Why jason kidd checking kobe his slow
kobe is good
but i dont like the lakers
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