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City just squeaked out a 1-0 victory to take the lead in the Premiership:

Will they take home the league crown?
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Man City deserve d league crown. Though am a man u. At least for their effort dis season
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Totham can still b third, u never can tell arsenal can slippery
There's still 2 matches left. I think we'll know until the end of the season the name of the champion of the Premier League.
I am a Chelsea fan, but i think they deserve the title
woowwhoo!! i'm so happy right now!
Glory Glory..........wait.......WTF was that?
Dammit. I have this saved on my dvr to watch later.
Rather have them win than Man Utd, but next year chelsea will win!
i thank that Man Utd can still win it no way chelsea going to win next year
NO PROBLEMO +Nikolas Lazar . CIty did the double (beat them both times they faced each other) against united this year and outscored them 7-1 in the process
and +Nikolas Lazar it looks like chelsea could win the FA cup or champoins league. or both. but if they dont they win the UCL, they wont b in it next year
Why is everything about soccer, no one with a brain likes it
Thank u let's play real football not gosh dang soccer it's pathetic
Eddie M
City!!! Nothing better than some great EPL action.
u cant take the crown frm man u eith this luck
I believe in miracle Man United will take this league title...
City gonna win!!
Manchester United will get lose!! Sore Losers ManU are!!
Man city will never take the CUP away from the giants.
i cant belive nasri n clichy r gona get a league cup b4 Arsenal does, i hate man u cant even deliver in an important match..........., n what was fergie telling mancini?.........
Woohuuuuuu m.u loserrr.....
Man City has a number of great players but Man United has the greatest manager. Unfortunately, the game is played on the field and Alex is on the sideline. Man City will be crowned 2011-2012 Barclays Premier League Champion
Possibly, they will face a tough game at Newcastle but i believe they will do it. Winning the title on goal difference. LOLOLOL
City may win, but if they win on goal difference it will be somewhat of a consolation to Man U fans.
No matter what, I will always like and cheer for United.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO MAN U!
rey ore
this is my game.
rey ore
manchester united.
he used to be the best goalie ever, until he took
a arrow to the knee
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