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When watching your team, having a ton of superstitions isn't just normal, it's pretty much mandatory.
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And if they lose its my fault or the coaches. #Superstition
Although winning DOES cure most superstitions ...
Too many to list for too many teams and they are all different. Everything from team colors to couch positions.... it's kind of like OCD but more entertaining!
Yeah, don't know why my wife doesn't get this
Playoff beard, same outfit, same bar or house, psyche-up playlist before the game, etc.
Home/Away jerseys and hats, never wear opposing teams colors game day, when changing channels during commercials always move the channel toward the oppositions goal line never back toward your own, never celebrate TOO early, If announcers are obviously biased toward the opposition MUTE immediately or find a more friendly radio station that is carrying the game, and lastly NEVER assume the game is over until this is on the scoreboard 00:00:00!
Listen to the game via radio or internet stream while attempting to do homework or cleaning
Sit in the same chair at home/sports bar and place as the previous victories to ensure that you did your part to help your team win! Jerry West, while GM of the Lakers, on game days would avoid traffic lights! It's not only fans...
Not true +BeatLA NorCal. Often it is the opposite. During a particularly influential Olympic games during the ancient times, a spartan sprinter lost his loincloth during a race and won. This coincidence, coupled with a victory created the tradition of competing naked during the games, which lasted for centuries.
Fourth quarter I need to stand up in front of the television in order for my team to win
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