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We're hosting a Google Hangout with Colin Cowherd on Monday, March 26 at 1:15 EST to talk some college hoops.

Comment on this post if you would like to join our hangout.
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can't make it but cool to know...will share
I am in Columbus, OH and you already know who my team is!!!!!!!
+Sanjay Duff haha.. when is Michigan's next game in the tourney?...or Michigan St. even?
sarah g
wish i could but i dont have a web cam!
I am interested. Do mobile devices carry the hangout function well?
CW there are apps for apple and android. just look at your app store
I don't have an driod just try doing a search for google+. Found it that way for my iPad.
I don't believe Google+ for Android supports hangouts yet. Sure doesn't seem to on my transformer running ICS.
Sounds awesome! we can talk about the all the guys who "Take It To The Tin!"
Heck yeah, especially if 2 Bluegrass teams make it to the Final 4.
OMG it would be a complete honor!! I've watched Colin's show for years faithfully!
this should totally happen like everyone wants it so i'm in
I just love this
i would love to, if you have room
I'll throw my hat in this circle!
Max Lee
Sportsnation is the best show evr i so want in
yeah i totally agree do it !!!!
Colin, Let's hangout on Monday, Dude. It will be great in Cali!
new respect for Colin, smart move....
O nooooo i have school then :(
can you move it back to maybe like 6 or 7
quit being girls "I love colin hes so cute oo ooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i wonder what his hair smells like" what is he justin bieber you spazesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Would love to talk hoops with Herdland
Is the NY media truly enough to make being a wildcat QB better than a starter in Jacksonville? Do you think there is thoughts he could overtake Sanchez for #1? Would you have gone the R. Wilson way instead if you were NY?
count me in.... love Colin's show!!
i wanna do this. but u no......, im still in school. Rock on 9th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HaHaHa!!! i can't believe all the nimmers that are asking "what time does it start?", and people wonder why things are the way they are...sigh colin, ban them and have a real round table! now THAT"S an idea!
Colin is the best. I would.
I would LOVE to be able to do this! It sounds awesome!
Michelle should do this but things would get dirty
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