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If you look up the term, "Putback Dunk," you'll see this photo as exhibit A.
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There's that one camera angle where you see Pau's ridiculous look when Blaker was elevating over him. That was hilarious.
good dunks dont win games hahahaha go Lakers
I saw the second dunk on pau on tv... pretty sweet but no sportsmanship after that. Blake gave him a little stare down while pau was on the ground
Who won?.... lol W over highlights any day.
Ok!!hate i work 2 nd shift ..had to see high lights but blake griffin said,pau..boy stop!!!lol....damn dog
what is you doin he behind you!!!!
As a Lakers Fan its hard 2 like this pic but Damn Gasoline get out the way Hahaha
That dunk reminds me of Jim Carey in the Cable
blake griffen is terrible all he does is dunk and he gets all the credit for making the clippers good, and if it wernt for pual the would he would not be on espns top 10 every time!!!!!!!!!
That isn't completely true. He can hit jumpers and I admit this being anti-Blake Griffin. And yes, it is Griffin, not Griffen how you spell it. On top of that he was a regular in ESPNs top 10 last year without Paul as well.

Start watching Basketball +William Gorman and stop regurgitating what your friends who also do not watch are telling you.
Not to you, no. I was stating that what you are typing isn't true. Go watch Hockey since it is obvious you know little about Basketball.
my friends now the docter of a nba team so i would now
he knows what he is talkinng about
Your friends should teach you how to spell and how to check your grammar. I would guess you are somewhere between 12-15 years old. Plus, it makes no difference if you had a friend who is a doctor of an NBA team. What you said wasn't true. Your doctor friend told you that Griffin is spelled Griffen and that he is nothing without Paul? That is silly.
Just so you know +winne pooh +Google+ doesn't allow users to use fake profiles like the one you are currently using, so expect it to be banned within a week or so.
Lol pau looked like he expected someone to run over to his aide! Lmao TO THE FACCEEE
That is a nice shot at the basketball game
Lakers win thats all that matters! Dunks that's what Blake does but other than that his game is not at Pau Gasol's lever. You just cant disrespect Pau because Blake dunked on em.
Everybody's talking about Blake's dunks. How about Kobe's clutch shoot or Ramon's clutched layup in the last minute of the 4th. Bynum 36 points.
grifini ancak howard durdurur bu adamı durdurmak zor seneye durant ile nba egale ederler.
that pic look wrong take a close look it just look soooo wrong
I love dunk when playing that game
may it is not a true photos, it might be the idol and odd one
Blake is my favorite NBA player
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